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Tom Hardy Admits He Knew Fans Would Find Bane’s Voice Funny in The Dark Knight Rises

Tom Hardy says he was not surprised by fans’ reaction towards the voice of his character Bane in Christopher Nolan’s......

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Would Theatre Advocate Christopher Nolan Work with Netflix?

Christopher Nolan is probably the only director working in Hollywood whose name is enough to an entirely original $200 million......

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Christopher Nolan’s First True Film was ‘Doodlebug’ (1997) – What is It About?

Christopher Nolan first showcased his immense filmmaking potential when he was merely in his mid-20s. Almost a decade before he......

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Christopher Nolan Says Tom Hardy’s Bane isn’t “Fully Appreciated”

It was a sensational performance, to be fair. The Dark Knight Rises (2012) faced the daunting challenge of carrying on......

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Christopher Nolan’s Highly-Anticipated ‘Tenet’ Only Made $10 Million Opening Weekend

Despite months of hype, Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending Tenet just manages to deliver a modest $10 million at the opening...

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Christopher Nolan was ‘Thrilled’ When He Learned About Robert Pattinson as Batman

Christopher Nolan reveals Robert Pattinson did not ask for the Batman advice. Christopher Nolan recently admitted he was pretty excited......

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TENET Review (Spoiler Free) – Fighting an Unwinnable Battle

Do not try to understand it, feel it. It was a weird feeling being inside a theatre after the lockdown......

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