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Ted Lasso Season 2 Trailer Shows Struggle in English Second Division


After winning over hearts with kindness, Ted Lasso is back for another round of heart to heart conversation and unencumbered motivation in Ted Lasso season 2. But as the trailer shows, it is not all smooth sailing for the team with aspirations to rise back up to the Premier League. With new characters in tow, it is going to be one mixture of sad and happy in the sophomore season.

Ted Lasso is an Apple TV+ series that premiered in 2020, based on the character Jason Sudeikis played in NBCs promotional campaign for Premier League in the US. Ted character was spun off into a role and Jason was given a full season slate to bring a story to life by Apple TV+. Assisted by Bill Lawrence, the show was filmed before the pandemic and Apple released the first season in August 2020.

The first season followed American football coach Ted Lasso as he makes his way across the Atlantic ocean to coach a Premier League side under new ownership. While the new owner wants to drown the club the infectious nature of Ted‘s coaching wants her to see him succeed. And the story continues from the final moments of season one as Ted and his team struggle to make their way back to the top flight.

Ted Lasso Season 2 – New Season But Same Old AFC Richmond

In the final moment of Ted Lasso season 1 we saw Manchester City write the downward ticket for AFC Richmond with a last minute goal that sent Lasso‘s team packing to the championship. In the second season, the playing level may be different but AFC Richmond is still the unlucky team it was in the Premier League, or as Coach Beard said, they are the New York Jets of British football.

As the trailer starts out one of the reporters asks about the eight consecutive draws and Ted is questioned if it is time to hit the panic button. The coach tells the reporter that there are two buttons he never pushes, the snooze and panic button. While optimism is a good things, only nice thoughts are not going to help the team.

So, to better help the players and get them out of the slump a professional sports psychologist, Sharon, is brought in, played by Sarah Niles. She is at odds with coach Lasso and does not care for his cookies as she does not like sweets. While no one can be mad at coach Lasso, there is a contentious moment shown in the trailer which leads us to believe this is going to be a tough ice to melt for Ted Lasso.

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Going down to the second division is hard and it is not always an easy bounce back to the first division for the team. The same appears to be the case for AFC Richmond who are finding it hard to collect all three points and have the mentality to kill off games. Ted Lasso‘s mojo may have worked on the owner of the club who appears to be in a great mood, but with the team struggling, it will be interesting to see how long he sticks around for the job.

Get Ready for 12 Episodes and a Three Season Arc

After the success of Ted Lasso season 1 Apple TV+ quickly ordered a second season on 19 August 2020, five days after the first season premiered. Now, after just a single season, the show is considered to be one of the best sports TV shows ever. So, it was in Apple’s best interest to milk this show for all the charm and happiness possible.

So, instead of a 10-episode repeat, Ted Lasso season 2 will have 12 episodes. Also for fans hoping the show will last a decade on the streaming platform, there is some bad news, Ted Lasso is thought of only as a three season arc. Bill Lawrence said the beloved comedy series will come to a resolution after three seasons.

The reason for a 3 season arc is due to the schedule and availability of actor Jason Sudeikis, Bill said during a podcast interview with Zach Braff and Donald Faison. The Ted Lasso is available in limited capacity beyond season 3 which is why Bill has a three season arc for the show which will bring closure to all the characters and also the fans of AFC Richmond.

Ted Lasso season 2 will be available for streaming from 23 July 2021, with new episodes coming each week on Fridays.

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