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‘The Challenge’ – Was Lolo Jones Forced to Quit the MTV Show?

'The Challenge' - Was Lolo Jones Forced to Quit the MTV Show?

The Challenge’s Lolo Jones claims she was willing to stay and fight but was forced to quit the show.

Every week on The Challenge: Double Agents, the 36th season in the franchise, Lolo Jones looked constantly irritated, more than the previous week, both by the game and her relationship with Nam Vo.

During the 24th February episode when the pair struggled to win a regular challenge again, and Jones couldn’t persuade anybody to help her win a place in the finals, she opted to leave the competition.

During the episode, the 38-year-old told the cast:

I’ve literally tried everything. If my own teammates wouldn’t allow me to compete, what chance would I ever have to get down in the elimination? I’m trying to train for the Olympics and represent Team USA, so I’m gonna leave.

She added,

I didn’t win a daily. We tried our best. I just need to look at the bigger picture.

The reality star then quipped,

You guys don’t want to see me in the finals anyway, come on. I hope I see all of you guys on the sidelines at the Olympics because if you guys can cheer like that in an elimination, I need you guys to cheer for me when I win a medal.

Earlier on 7th February, Jones did exactly that, capturing the first bobsledding world title of her professional career as a member of Team USA.

On 25th February, however, the native of Iowa reported that things were not the way they looked on the program.

The reality star alleged,

MTV the challenge forced me to quit, and that is facts. I’ve never quit anything in my life. Heck I’m one of the oldest Olympians bc I don’t quit, I was pulled aside before the show and told to make it look like I needed to leave.

She continued,

The good news is had I not left I would not have made the USA Bobsled Team. I would’ve missed the team cut off by 2 days! If I had not made the team I would not be a World Champion. So in the end God directs our paths. God knows how hard I fought to stay after meetings w producers.

Additionally, Jones made a claim that the episode that was broadcast last week was “staged” and that Chris “CT” Tamburello and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley were not genuine victors.

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Lolo claimed,

Once I realized the producers can change the rules to fit who they want to win, I was still willing to stay and fight.

The Big Brother alum added,

There are so many secrets that are not known to the viewers. hope that people remember the challenge is not a real competition it’s a tv show. They Do Not show the full picture but what is entertaining. So before u write hate messages know u are judge and jury w/o full evidence.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs every Wednesday on MTV.

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