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The Mariposa Family John Gerrish and Ellen Chung Death Cause!

The Mariposa Family

Grab all details of The Mariposa Family John Gerrish and Ellen Chung Death Cause.

If you are overlooking at the internet then you might well know about the internet viral mysterious couple death case of John Gerrish and Ellen Chung. For those unaware about the news, a family a family of three Father John, mother Ellen, daughter and dog was found dead at the Sierra National Forest.

The mysterious death of family including their dog did not just made everyone come up with different conspiracies and assumptions but also made almost everyone on the Internet and Reddit curious to learn what actually happened! So inorder to learn the real facts, ahead we present you with all the details regarding John Gerrish and Ellen Chung missing case.

Merced River Toxic Algae Killed The Mariposa Family!

The news was one of the factors that made everyone anxious of how they were dead. And only after a week of cavernous crime investigation from the local police officers it was declared that the Mariposa family died from toxic algae blooms in the Merced River.

Week Prior Bureau of Land Management warned people to not go near river. (Image Source: Yosemite )

John Gerrish and Ellen Chung recently shifted to Mariposa from the Bay Area. So while checking out the new view, they went to swim and drink the poisonous Merced River.

They were unaware about the news from The U.S. Forest Service which had issued a strict warning not to drink, swim, wade or allow pets from drink the water of Merced River.

For those who are living nearby rivers and pounds might be well aware about Algae which are poisonous and are health threat. Well, we sure feel sad for the Mariposa family as their death was an unprecedented one. So clearing the fog as there are numerous gossips & conspiracies swirling, the family died from algae poision.

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Wherever they are, we pray for their departed soul to rest in peace in heaven. For more Entertainment updates make sure to bookmark BAE Magazine.

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Last modified: October 22, 2021