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The Weeknd Electric Rendition of Save Your Tears at BRIT 2021

The Weeknd Electric Rendition of Save Your Tears at BRIT 2021

The Weeknd Brit 2021 performance is LIT! The singer finally dress-off from Red Suit!

Well, the recent performance of Abel Makkonen Tesfaye aka The Weeknd ‘Save Your Tears’ was one of a kind. The Weeknd as always nailed the show with a uniquely amazing look, set, theme, concept, and most importantly thrilly.

And talking about the song, it has been staying at the top record in the Billboard The Hot 100 Chart for straight 2 weeks and been No 1 song globally including countries like Canada, Singapore, and Serbia. If you are a pop head then you might’ve heard the new feature version of The Weeknd with Ariana Grande.

Watch: The Weeknd – Save Your Tears (Live at The BRIT Awards 2021)

The song got even hyped after Ariana released her version of the song and also with multiple performances by Weeknd on Pepsi Superbowl, AMA, I heart and forth. He really knows how to give hits and keep up.

Talking about its sale, it made Platinum-selling records in countries like the US, Australia, and Italy.

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The Sidewalks hitmaker this rendition of the song with a Bowler hat, long black overcoat, black jeans, and black long boots. The look seemed one of kind as resembled kind of a dark vibes songs delivers articulates as.

Abel nailed it by adding some gestures in his sharp-pitched vocal, he kind of resembles Michael Jackson’s vibes, doesn’t he? So, which one is your favorite version of The Weeknd Save Your Tears?

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Last modified: May 11, 2021