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What Happened to Laura Kightlinger Face? Is It Plastic Surgery?

What Happened to Laura Kightlinger Face & Plastic Surgery

Will and Grace writer and producer Laura Kightlinger plastic surgery, and accident details.

Over time hit sitcom producer Laura Kightlinger plastic surgery rumors has been trending all over social media, and with that the questionnaires and assumptions regarding her plastic surgery, precisely her facial parts.

So inorder to learn what real ahead we present you with all details regarding Laura Kightlinger plastic surgery with before and after comparison.

Laura Kightlinger Plastic Surgery – Before & After Facelift & Botox

Yes, Laura Kightlinger has undergone plastic surgery. The writer and television producer has been accused of undergoing face implants such as botox, skin lift to tighten the skin and have a wrinkless face.

What Happened to Laura Kightlinger Face

Laura Kightlinger Plastic Surgery – Before Facelift & Botox. (Image Source: Instagram)

Plastic surgeries are common nowdays and are opted by various personalities belonging to the showbiz industry. As they constantly has to appear infront of the camera, which is the major reason many actors, model and representatives opts for surgery.

And if we look towards Laura surgery, it can be said as a successful one as the cosmetic surgery surely seem to have de-aged her. This is the reason why many of Will & Grace followers came regarding her plastic surgery allegations.

Laura Kightlinger Accident

While there are also rumors that, Laura did not perform surgery on purpose but rather was an aftermath of her undergone jaw and face surgery after an accident.

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There are gossips that Laura had survived a car accident, where she fractured her jaw and broke her teeth. However, there are no solid evidence related to her accident, so for, so we cannot assure you fully.

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Last modified: October 30, 2021