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Where is Anna Delvey Now? Is She Deported or Arrested!

Where is Anna Delvey Now? Is She Deported or Arrested!

German fraudster Anna Sorokin aka Anna Delvey Wiki, age, Anna Sorokin Los Angeles police arrest, Anna detain, documentary, and more details inside the article.

Anna Delve, also known as Anna Sorokin, is a public figure who rose to prominence in the United States as a result of her deception. The 52-year-old is currently described as a Russian criminal, fraudster, and con woman who came to New York with the intent of defrauding a separate organization.

Under the alias Anna Delvey, the 31-year-old pretended to be a wealthy heiress, and she was caught in 2017 after reportedly scamming banks, hotels, and acquaintances for a total of $275,000. In 2019, the 31-year-old was found guilty of attempted grand larceny, larceny in the second degree, and theft of services on numerous counts.

Anna Delve’s Wiki: Age, Parents, Early Life

Anna Delve, also known as Anna Sorokin, was born on January 23, 1991, in Domodedovo, a working-class satellite town south of Moscow, and is currently 31 years old. The 31-year old’s father worked as a truck driver, while her mother owned a little convenience store. The family relocated to North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, when Anna was 16 years old in hopes of a better life.

The 31-year old’s father was accused of being a member of a Russian mob in Germany. She was a student at Eschweiler’s Bischöfliche Liebfrauenschule, a girls’ gymnasium. Peers at the school characterized the 31-year-old as a timid girl who struggled with the German language. Sorokin constantly followed Vogue, fashion blogs, and image accounts on LiveJournal and Flickr as a young adult.

The 31-year-old traveled to London after graduating from the gymnasium in June 2011 to attend Central Saint Martins, an art school, but shortly dropped out and returned to Germany. The 31-year-old worked as an intern at a public relations firm in Berlin in 2012 before moving to Paris to start an internship at Purple, a French fashion magazine, where she received €400 a month (approximately $450).

Although she did not communicate with her parents regularly, her 31-year-old parents subsidized her rent. She began referring to herself as “Anna Delvey” during the time, claiming that it was derived from her mother’s maiden name; however, her parents have stated that they “do not recognize the surname.” Sorokin later stated that she “simply came up with it” when asked about the name.

Anna Delvey was detained by the Los Angeles Police Department on October 3, 2017 – where is she now?

The 31-year-old was detained by the Los Angeles Police Department on October 3, 2017, as part of a sting operation orchestrated by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. The sting included Rachel DeLoache Williams, who said she was duped out of more than $60,000 by Delvey during a trip to Marrakesh. (With Inventing Anna, Williams has accused Netflix of “running a con woman’s public relations.”) Delivery was quickly taken to Rikers Island and imprisoned without bail. She was charged with stealing around $275,000 through numerous frauds three weeks later.

Anna Delvey Arrest

Despite her current detention, the notorious con artist is still hustling and spreading her story. Photo Source: Instagram

The 31-year-old served nearly four years in jail before being released on good behavior on February 11, 2021. The 31-year-old was hauled back into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) six weeks after her release for overstaying her visa, and she remains in ICE detention in upstate New York as of this writing.

After her release, the phony socialite enjoyed a few weeks of freedom. She resurfaced as @theannadelvey on Instagram and Twitter. At the time, she was photographed while out and about in New York City. The 31-year-old is being held at the Orange County Correctional Facility in Goshen, New York, pending a decision by ICE on whether or not she will be deported to Germany.

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Despite her current detention, the notorious con artist is still hustling and spreading her story. According to Deadline, Sorokin has teamed up with Bunim/Murray Productions, the creator of Surviving R. Kelly, on a limited docuseries that will “cover the next chapter in her life.” It will pick up where Inventing Anna leaves off, following Anna’s ever-changing intentions daily while also providing insight into her mind.

Anna Delvey’s Documentary

After the release of Netflix’s Inventing Anna, Anna Sorokin, the con artist formerly known as Anna Delvey, is back in the news. Delvey is played by Julia Garner in the Shonda Rhimes-produced miniseries, which follows the rise and fall of the phony heiress and how she conned rich friends, banks, hotels, and other institutions.

Netflix’s Inventing Anna is the ideal show for anyone who appreciates glitz, gloss, and schadenfreude directed at the wealthy. The drama is based on the true story of Anna Delvey, née Sorokin, the “Soho grifter,” whose adventures were documented in the viral piece Maybe She Had So Much Money She Just Forgot About It.

Anna Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey, is working on a documentary series with a limited run. The 31-year-old is the subject of Netflix’s latest hit, Inventing Anna, which tells the story of how she conned friends and huge banks out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by impersonating a false German heiress.

Anna Delvey real life series

The documentary is based on the story of Anna Delvey, née Sorokin, the “Soho grifter,” whose adventures were documented in the viral piece  Photo Source: Instagram

Last week, Netflix released a nine-part series starring Ozark actor Julia Garner as Delvey and Anna Chlumsky as a lightly fictionalized version of the journalist who authored the 2018 exposé on which the show is based. At her trial in 2019, the 31-year-old was found guilty of scamming hotels, banks, and other institutions out of more than $200,000 (£147,000).

Between 2013 and 2017, the phony heiress conned her way through New York society, before being found guilty of defrauding hotels, restaurants, banks, and a private aircraft operator out of more than $200,000 in fraud. The show follows Sorokin up to her guilty judgment, and those who binge-watched it may be wondering what she’s doing to now. Here’s what we know about Anna Delvey’s life since she was convicted.

Sorokin, now 31, was granted early parole in February 2021 for good behavior after serving less than four years of her sentence. On the Netflix show, Sorokin was employed as a paid consultant. For her work on Inventing Anna, the 31-year-old was paid $320,000 (£230,000). According to Deadline, the former phony heiress is working on a new project.

The docuseries picks up where Inventing Anna leaves off, following Anna’s 2019 trial. According to the press release, “it follows the fast-paced events as her future changes day by day.” While Sorokin’s final destination is unknown, the series attempts to provide viewers with insight into what makes her tick and where she hopes to take her newly established fame.”

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Michael Driscoll, the company’s director of development thinks Anna’s tale is very much alive and continues unfolding as we speak, They’ve been working on this project with her for months, and they have spent endless hours on the phone in video calls. The 31-year-old is a complex and interesting woman, and they’re excited to chronicle the next installment of her ever-evolving story.

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