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Who Is Chloe Lukasiak Dating? Grab the American Actress Relationship Details

Who Is Chloe Lukasiak Dating? Grab the American Actress Relationship Details

Grab all the details about the Dance Mom star, Chloe Lukasiak dating status along with her girlfriend’s nose injury.

Chloé Elizabeth Lukasiak aka Chloe Lukasiak is an American actress, model, and dancer. Furthermore, the American author gained a massive fanbase after appearing in the Dance Mom from Season 1 to 4. Thanks to Lifetime’s reality TV series, Dance Mom, she has been able to garner 6.5 million followers on her Instagram account.

Recently, the rumors have been sparkling saying Chloe Lukasiak and Brooklinn Khoury are dating each other. Are the rumors true or false? In order to learn the real facts behind the 20 years old’s relationship status, ahead we present you with all the details.

Is Chloe Lukasiak Dating Brooklinn Khoury Dating? Are the Rumors True or False?

If you have been recently updated with the trending news then you might have already heard about the alleged relationship status of the Dance Mom stars Chloe Lukasiak. Yes, Chloe and the inspirational influencer Brooklinn Khoury are rumored to be dating each other. Well, her fans and followers confirmed that they are in a romantic relationship after the American actress shared the cozy snippets with Khoury, 22 in her Instagram handle.

Brooklinn Khoury and Chloe Lukasiak dating  rumors seem to be true

Brooklinn Khoury and Chloe Lukasiak dating  rumors seem to be true
Image Source: Instagram

After perceiving the couple’s snippets, one fan soon wrote

“No matter if they’re a couple or not still a awww.”

Thou it’s still unknown if they are really dating each other but fans are already loving their relationship as one wrote “couple goals”. Well, in fact, we still haven’t any idea if the rumors are true or false, but one thing is for sure that they share a strong relationship as they appear to be visiting different places together. Let’s wait patiently for one of them to confirm their relationship before we get to a conclusion.

Chloe Lukasiak’s Rumor Girlfriend, Khoury’s Nose Injury

Well, if you have been following the skater-turned-inspirational-influencer Brooklinn Khoury from the very beginning then you might have already learned about her nose injury. In fact, last year in November, Chloe’s girlfriend Khoury shared the horrifying story via Instagram. She said that a pit bull attacked her while she was visiting her family.

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She further shared the story saying

“The dog attacked me. He ripped off my upper lip and parts of my nose and they are completely gone. I was then taken to the hospital. After eight hours and my lip being on ice the whole time, I finally went into surgery at 9:00 pm.”

Khoury later posted a snippet of her without bandages in January and said that I shouldn’t be hiding what happened. And, she further shared that she will be posting more posts without hiding her face.

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