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Who is Louis Ziskin? Why was DropIn Founder Arrested?

Dropln Founder Louis Ziskin Arrested

Forbes Profield CEO and Founder of DropIn Louis Ziskin & Jeremy Manchester arrested for kidnapping a Thai businessman from restaurant. 

If you are a market affiliate then some of you might already be familiar with the headline news of Louis Ziskin and Jeremy Hughes Manchester arrest over the weekend on May 15.

52 years old Louis William Ziskin and 41 years old Jeremy Hughes Manchester both former US Marines along with two high-ranked police officers were arrested for the charge of kidnapping and attempted murder of a Taiwanese Business, and on a restaurant after the PPE deal goes wrong.

Why was the Kidnapping For?

Former Marines Louis, Manchester, and two police officers Ekbodin Prasitnarit and Lt. Col. Kristsnaporn Thapthawee kidnapped a 60 years old Businessman Wen-Yu Chung. As per CCTV footage, he was put into a headlock and dragged out from L’Oliva restaurant in Thong Lor.

CCTV footage of Wen-Yu Chung being kidnapped.
Image Source: Bangkok Times

According to the Bangkok Post, Ziskin allegedly made a deal with Collection Company Ltd to purchase a large number of gloves with Paddy The Room Trading for around $3 million.

But the deal went down and had to face a big loss. As per reports from New York Post the kidnappers and uses Chung’s phone to call his boss and then demanded $2 million. It was not limited to just that he even demanded another $1 million for his safe release as per the report.

When their demands were rejected, they forcibly took Chung to Nadimos Restaurant, before they left him hurt. Wen-Yu later went to the hospital and filed a complaint against them.

Who is Louis Ziskin? Founder of DropIn & Former Drug Supplier

Talking briefly about Ziskin he was born and raised in Los Angeles who was raised by divorced parents. Louis even claims himself to be a problem child who was mentally gifted minor thinking no rules applies for him.”

Who is Louis Ziskin? Why he arrested

Louis wearing a white tee, and Jeremy Hughes Manchester wearing a black t-shirt.
Image Source: Bangkok Times 

Having not much interest in studies, Louis dropped from the University of Southern California, and eventually started supplying Ecstasy from Europe to the US. His illegal activities were caught in 2000 and he was initially sentenced to 30 years imprisonment.

And if we overlook the Ziskin criminal history, he served behind the bars for 12 years for drug smuggling. Later he claimed to be changed and even founded a tech company DropIn – an on-demand video streaming platform for smartphones and drones.

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