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Who is Offgun ? Are OffGun Dating in Real Life?

Who is Offgun ? Are OffGun Dating in Real Life?

Who is Offgun ? Are OffGun Dating in Real Life? Titles of their shows. AreOff Jumpol Adulkittiporn and Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat (Offgun) Dating in Real Life?

The age-old question that every new Thai BL viewer asks: “What the hell is OffGfun, and why is it so prevalent in this fandom?” Is it just a single pair with a slew of sequels? How many productions have they done together?

All of these are excellent questions, which I intend to address in this article! So here it is: “OffGun’s History”!

So who is Offgun?

As seen above Off Jumpol Adulkittiporn (1993) and Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat (1991) form the renowned pair OffGun. They’re coworkers, best friends, and have been a well-known double act for many years, starring in a variety of performances as a pair and other roles.

They rose to stardom after playing as the side-couple Pick and Rome in the Thai drama “Senior Love: Puppy Honey,” where they were praised for their acting abilities, good looks, and irresistible chemistry on and off-screen.

They’ve gone on to star in their series, host reality, and discussion shows, and generally control the world since then.

So, what are the titles of their shows?

Let’s start with the dramas and shows in which OffGun has appeared. The list is in chronological order, beginning with their first appearance as a couple and ending with a brief description of their couple/characters and role (no spoilers!).

Senior Secret Love: Puppy Honey

As the side couple Pick (Off) and Rome, they were in their first onscreen relationship (Gun). Pick is friends with the male-lead Porche, while Rome is friends with the female-lead Emma, and the tale revolves around them.

Our Skyy (ep 1)

OffGun’s inclusion not only in this series but also as the first episode when most of the Our Skyy couples were main couples in their respective series, demonstrates how popular they were, despite their limited screen time.

Theory of Love

In Puppy Honey, OffGun’s first true onscreen couple was Third (Gun) and Khai (Off) in Theory of Love. They were the primary pair in this series, unlike SS: PH.

The plot revolves around Khai, Third, Two, and Bone, a group of four film students. Third has been in love with Khai for years, unbeknownst to the others, and has been suffering as a result of his playboy attitude and complete blindness to Third’s feelings.

This time, it wasn’t only about the OffGuns’ performance and chemistry. Senior Secret Love’s premise and storyline were significantly superior to Senior Secret Love’s insipid, rom-com sequel writing. OffGun shone out as truly outstanding actors in a more angsty, dramatic tale when the authors eventually let them.

Not Me

Finally, we arrive at Not Me, their most recent OffGun endeavor.

The series’ main premise is darker and grittier than anything OffGun has done before. After his identical twin brother, Black, is violently battered and hospitalized, White (Gun) goes undercover as his identical twin brother, Black. White is trying to figure out who in his brother’s gang betrayed him while undercover, and he suspects Sean (Off). Sean is cool and collected, and White grows suspicious as he tries to figure out who he is. I believe that seeing OffGun in a more serious, darker drama will showcase their acting abilities.

Off Jumpol Adulkittiporn (1993) and Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat (1991) form the renowned pair OffGun  Photo Source: Instagram

Yes, Offgun is all over the place. They have not only maintained three relationships together (even the most popular pairings only lasted two), but they have also starred in and hosted a variety of shows together, thanks to their excellent acting and chemistry.

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Offgun and he have a close professional and personal bond, but this should never be misinterpreted by fans. Some people like to speculate about whether OffGun’s dynamic has a romantic element, but their personal lives are their own and aren’t up for argument or “shipping.”

AreOff Jumpol Adulkittiporn and Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat (Offgun) Dating in Real Life?

We all understand that most of their lovey-dovey behavior is fan service, but it constantly goes above and above in their situation, even when they are not immediately under public scrutiny. It also has a really good feel to it. Fans wish they were together.

There’s still no official word on whether they’re dating, so we’ll presume they’re not. We agree that they are quite close and have no qualms about being a little more intimate with one another (hugging, kissing, touching in general).

However, it doesn’t stop fans from shipping their idols. Many fans assumed (and hoped) that Off Jumpol Adulkittiporn and Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat were in a relationship. However, these two are supposedly not a couple in real life. After all, in some ways, fans may feel as though they know these characters too well.

There’s still no official word on whether OffGun is dating.  Photo Source: Instagram

To be honest, anyone would believe they’re in a real relationship. There’s no way this is just fanservice, because no other famous ship, including the other royal GMM couples, accomplishes half of what OffGun does, and these two even do couple-y stuff when they don’t expect a camera to be on them. Friends don’t do that with each other, regardless of gender, especially if it’s simply for other people.

Looking at certain YouTube footage, it appears like Off is frequently using his phone as Gun kisses him. And because it’s on YouTube, those aren’t personal moments. Even when the photos appear to be catching a “private” moment, they both seem to be well aware of the cameras around them.

We can only hope that OffGun will continue to provide us with explosive chemistry in the future, whether in the shape of a loving partnership or a platonic one, in their performances.

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Well, if you’ve seen all three dramas, I’m sure you won’t mind if that rumor comes true! Their on-screen relationship was incredible, with a mix of sensuality and maturity.

Their fans will be completely surprised and happy if they become a couple in real life.

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