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Why was Vlogger Peng Peng Arrested?

Peng Peng Arrested update

Grab all details of Vlogger Peng Peng arrest & controversy.

If you have been following social media, then you might well know about the false news of Bobi Wine‘s death, and even bloggers criticizing the musician now turned politician Bobi Wine.

Recently another popular Sweden-based Ugandan blogger Peng Peng who real name is Raymond Mutumba has been arrested for spreading fake news about Wine.




Peng was seen handcuffed by Sherrif in a short video, however, the exact reason for Peng’s arrest is yet to be shared, however, he was heard of criticizing Bobi that he has no potential to lead Uganda.

Peng Peng’s negative influence towards Bobi leads him to some serious issues as he was arrested for defaming and spreading toxic news on the internet.

“That man to lead a country? whose country can he lead?” You tell people to get national IDs? to help them in what? Don’t joke with a project funded by NRM, they can pay your mother and she fails to vote for you at the last minute”

After various toxic news and backlash on Bobi, Fred is also listed as one of the most wanted bloggers by the Ugandan government following the arrest of blogger Chemical Ali.

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As of now, not much information has been revealed regarding Peng Peng arrest, but there are some theories that tell that the entire arrest scene was fake.

Adding to that, people are also surprised to see why Raymond turned against him as previously he was one of his supports having a close relation with Bobi.

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Last modified: August 7, 2021