Will Harry and Meghan Attend Prince Phillip’s Funeral?

Apr 9, 2021 @ 21:23 GMT+0000

Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh is no more. He died in at the age of 99, couple of months sky of his 100th birthday. With a recent history of bad health and content trips to the hospital, the husband of Queen Elizabeth took his last breath today, the palace announced. With the funeral process underway, some eyes will turn across the pond to see if Harry and Meghan decide to take part in the funeral.

This year has been a horrible one for the Royal family, the Prince was in and out of hospitals as they took precautionary measures to protect the second in line for the British throne. While Prince Phillip was in the hospital Meghan Markel and former Prince Harry decided to sit down with Oprah for an interview airing their grievances at the treatment they received after getting married.

While the Prince was said to have been shielded from the bombshell interview, Royal experts have since stated that the Duke was “distraught” by everything that was happening. Harry was always close with Prince Harry so had he seen the interview he would’ve probably been hurt. But now he is no more and the question remains, will Harry and Meghan take the trip to the UK and attend the funeral.

Will Meghan and Harry at the Funeral of Prince Phillip?

Harry an Meghan have not been back to the UK since they renounced their titles and decided to move to America. Since then a slow stream information has been released by Meghan and Harry on why they decided to leave the Royal family, culminating in the no holds barred interview with Oprah where racism in Royal family, their treatment as a couple, appearance of their son were allegedly questioned.

The media swallowed the information presented by the two former Royal members and the British press went on the offensive. Meghan hater Piers Morgan got so far, he was later fired from the show he hosted for comments he made on air. Prince William was also said to be furious with the way the whole thing was handled in the open.

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So, it is the fair to say there is a lot of animosities between the two groups. But Prince Phillip has always been the man in Harry’s life and he shared a special bond with his grandfather which is why some were asking if Harry would come for the funeral. Well, the former Prince will be in attendance, probably, according to the press association, via BBC.

There is no word on Meghan’s travel schedule and it looks as though only Harry will be in attendance for his grandfather’s funeral. He will be among the 30 or so socially distant group inside the St. George’s Chapel. The same venue where Meghan and Harry’s wedding took place and recently Princess Eugenie also got married there.

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This time though the gathered mass will be expecting a somber affair for a great man who stood by his wife as she ruled the United Kingdom. A true man who put rest his own career for the sake of his wife, standing in her shadow while also doing his best to be a force of change, away from the spotlight. A World War II veteran, a father, a husband, a loving grandfather and a great man, Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh will be missed.

The Queen has not only lost her husband but also her driving force and our condolences go to Her Majesty the Queen and the entire Royal family.

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