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YouTuber Jim Sterling Everything You Need to Know!

Jim Sterling Wiki, Transgender, YouTube, Instagram, & Wife

Learn YouTuber Jim Sterling wiki, social media presence on Instagram, YouTube, transgender facts, and wife details.

Jim Stephanie Sterling is a self employed video game journalist, critic, pundit, YouTuber, and professional wrestler who is English-American. They worked as a review editor for Destructoid and an author for The Escapist before going independent in September 2014. Sterling is one of the most well-known examples of a YouTuber who has found success through open innovation.

Jim Sterling Wiki

Jim Sterling is a famous Youtuber who was born in November 1984 in London, England, and spent much of his childhood living in poverty and being psychologically abused by their mother’s lover, a Hells Angels outcast.

This abuse is what prompted them to adopt the “Jim Sterling” moniker, claiming that if it weren’t for legal issues, they would have had it legally changed. While discussing the polyamorous relationship options in Fallout 4, Sterling stated in a November 2015 video that he was “not a monogamous guy, nor a straight one either.”

Jim Sterling Wiki, Transgender

Image Source: Instagram

Sterling is openly queer and pansexual. Sterling became a naturalized citizen of the United States in June 2020. Sterling became non-binary in August 2020. The complex included Sterling in a list of “the 25 coolest game journalists to follow on Twitter.”

In the world of videogame journalism, Sterling has become a divisive figure, with some of their viewpoints being questioned.  In response to criticism of their negative review of Final Fantasy XIII, they issued a statement defending it.

Due to their posting reviews for long-awaited games that were met with opposition, Sterling’s website has been subjected to two DDoS attacks, the first for No Man’s Sky.

Jim Sterling On Instagram, Twitter And YouTube

Jim Sterling has a YouTube channel with the same name. They have over 853k subscribers on their  YouTube channel. They genuinely review and critique video games on their YouTube channel.

Sterling is also active on Instagram and Twitter. On Instagram, he goes by the handle @jimquisiton and has 10.5k followers. they also have a Twitter account with the handle @jimsterling, where they have 243k followers.

Jim Sterling is a Transgender

Jim Sterling is a trans as revealed in the show Jimquisition. The Youtuber came out as non- binary in 2020 and are openly pansexual and queer. It means Jim is neither male nor female. They became a naturalized citizen of the United States in June 2020.

Sterling came out as nonbinary on Twitter in August 2020, initially saying they accept all pronouns but later expressing a preference for “they.” Sterling migrated to the US a long back . They have British ethnicity but gained naturalized American citizenship in 2020.

 Sterling belongs to the LGBQI community. (Image Source: Instagram)

Sterling mentioned their own disorders in late June 2020, while discussing the Speaking Out movement and misconduct in the video game industry; the events of recent weeks have been particularly affecting for me, as I’ve begun to come to terms with my own history.

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While all of this abuse talk is going on, I had a psychiatric evaluation and was diagnosed with bipolar type 2 and complex PTSD as a result of what can only be described as a couple decades of having my sense of self systematically destroyed by caregivers, followed by people convincing me I was making it up and wasn’t even mildly depressed.

 Sterling’s Girlfriend ,Wife

Rumors say that Jim Sterling has married an amazing woman  Phoenix Becky Toothill whom they call their wife. However, they have not revealed anything regarding their love life. They have kept the details of their partner under wraps .

 Sterling with his Rumored girlfriend. (Image  Source: Instagram)

Recently photos of Sterling can be seen with fellow star, Phoenix Becky Toothill. Jim can be seen wrapped around in the arms of Phoenix Becky Toothill.

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