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Zack Snyder Wishes He Had Done More for Cyborg Solo Movie

Zack Snyder Wishes He Had Done More for Cyborg Solo Movie

‘Justice League’ director Zack Snyder regrets not doing more to ensure the production of Cyborg’s solo movie.

It’s no secret that there were initially plans in place for Ray Fisher‘s Cyborg to star in his own film. Even after Joss Whedon stepped in as the director of Justice League (2017), Warner Brothers kept the Cyborg film on the schedule.

Now that the character is enjoying a prominent role in Zack Snyder‘s Justice League (2021), he’s back in the spotlight — and the mastermind behind the Snyder Cut wishes he could have done more to help bring the Cyborg solo movie to life.

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During an interview with Esquire, Snyder claimed he helped pave the way for solo outings for both Wonder Woman (2017) and Aquaman (2018), and that in retrospect, he wishes he had given much more attention to the Cyborg project in production.

The director told the publication,

I’m very sad that I didn’t push harder to set up the Cyborg movie before we shot Justice League because I’d done a lot of work to set up Wonder Woman and Aquaman and to get those movies on their feet.

Snyder added,

And I really wish I had done that with Cyborg because he’s really on his feet at the end of the movie. He’s really ready to go. And I just thought, well, the truth is I just assumed that it was a no brainer that a Cyborg movie would be in the works. You know what I mean? It seems like so obvious.

Speaking in the same interview, Snyder stated the film’s epilogue was meant to serve as his own personal visions, as he touched on characters and tidbits he wanted to see addressed further in potential future projects.

He continued,

I guess it’s a careful what you wish for kind of a scenario. And I do think that it was part of the DNA of the thing to create an ending with cliffhanger.

The filmmaker says it’s because of the genre: a superhero film doesn’t really have a conclusive ending. It’s got a break between chapters, but you’re never eager to completely shut the book.

And, given the amount of tireless work ethic fans showcased to make sure this film got made, as well as their commitment and funds collected for “suicide prevention and mental health awareness,” he wanted the movie to be positive and hopeful. This comprised of visions for future films.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is currently streaming on HBO Max.

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Last modified: March 22, 2021