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Zhou Chuna Plastic Surgery Has undergone 100 plastic surgeries

Zhou Chuna Plastic Surgery Has Undergone 100 Plastic Surgery

Grab all details of Chinese model and influencer Zhou China plastic surgery, breast implants, liposuction, all plastic surgery details with before and after.

Zhou China, a young Chinese influencer with over 300,000 followers on Sina Weibo, has built her online profession around plastic surgery, documenting her dramatic change from a normal-looking girl to a doll-like idol over three years. The 16-year-old isn’t the first young woman who has sought cosmetic modifications.

However, Zhou China’s case is exceptional in that she underwent a large number of surgeries (approximately 100) in a short period (3 years). Despite claiming to have suffered significant side effects such as memory loss and irreversible scars as a result of her plastic surgery addiction, the 16-year-old claims it’s all worth it.

Lately, there has been a surge in public interest in Zhou Chuan, especially in her surgery. If you compare photos of Zhou Chuan before and after the former model has a massive change in his physical appearance from her first public appearance to her recent. To improve her appearance, a 16-year-old girl dubbed “China’s youngest plastic surgery addict” claims to have undergone more than 100 invasive cosmetic surgeries over three years.

Zhou Chuan has undergone 100 Plastic Surgeries since the Age of 13

Over the last few years, the girl, who is said to be 16 years old, has repeatedly documented her change from a regular girl to a doll. Zhou isn’t the first young woman to receive plastic surgery, but her situation is unusual because she is claimed to have had 100 surgeries in three years.

To improve her appearance, a 16-year-old girl dubbed “China’s youngest plastic surgery addict” claims to have undergone more than 100 invasive cosmetic surgeries over three years. A Chinese woman who began plastic surgery at the age of 13 and spent 4 million yuan (about 670 billion won) on various procedures and surgeries over three years now claims to have clouded eyesight and memory.

Zhou Chuan Plastic Surgery

Zhou’s face has drastically changed after undergoing 100 plastic surgeries. Photo Source: Youtube

Since she was 13, Zhou Chun has been a regular client of plastic surgeons, according to Oddity Central. It all started with the dissatisfaction of a young Chinese woman with herself. The fact that she was studying with teens-only added fuel to the flames. As a result, the schoolgirl thought that her eyes were too little and her nose was abnormally large.

The adolescent claims to have spent 4 million yuan ($620,000) on her plastic surgery habit, with her wealthy parents providing the most of the funding. You would wonder what type of parents would put up with this, but Zhou argues she never really gave her family a choice. If they refused to help her, she threatened to drop out of school and find a method to pay for her operations on her own. At the very least, they’ll know she’ll be operated on by trained doctors in regulated facilities.

Zhou constantly informs her internet fans that she used to be quite unattractive before undergoing plastic surgery. She characterized her eyes as too small and her nose as too large, and she recalled how her coworkers teased her about her appearance. They mocked her with terrible nicknames and cruel jokes, and always assigned her the most difficult jobs on class cleanup duty, while the gorgeous ladies got off light. The 16-year-old rapidly recognized that until she enhanced her appearance, her life would not improve.

Zhou China began bugging her parents at the age of 13 to pay for double eyelid surgery, a common medical treatment among Asian women, and despite their initial reluctance, she persuaded them to support her goal. People attempted to discourage her by stating that the plastic surgery would make her look older than she was, but the 16-year-old only saw a difference in how people treated her afterward.

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“Everyone’s attitude toward her changed after the double eyelid surgery, and she tasted the sweet fruits of plastic surgery,” the little girl told her followers, adding that it wasn’t long before the 16-year-old had the second, third, and so on.

What Plastic surgery Zhou China had gone through and its side effects?

Zhou China allegedly underwent more than 100 cosmetic surgeries in the last three years, ranging from basic fillers to ear cartilage rhinoplasty, “Barbie eye surgery,” breast implants, and liposuction. When the pandemic reached China, she slowed down her surgery schedule, but she still had 20 procedures in the previous year alone, and she has no plans to stop anytime soon.

On Chinese social media, the adolescent is recognized as a “plastic surgery master.” Zhou Choun had plastic surgery wherever she could touch her face, Zhou admitted to herself. The 16-year-old has reportedly endured over 100 surgeries and procedures to date.

According to Chinese news outlet Sohu.com, Zhou was injured as a child and began plastic surgery under the guise of male classmates. It began with an eyelid incision and double eyelid surgery. Following that, she went into plastic surgery, starting with the nose and working her way up to the chest.

Zhou China reportedly had a makeover to make her more spectacular and appealing to her audience. Although these hypotheses aren’t much more convincing than those linking her to a facelift, the 16-year-old underwent filler injections. The young lady has already had rhinoplasty, liposuction, and fillers injected into her lips. The 16-year-eyes old’s and breasts are disproportionately huge.

Zhou China

Zhou has done six double eyelid procedures, five lateral canthoplasty operations (to build the corner of the eye), three body liposuctions, two facial liposuctions, and many more Photo Source: YouTube

Little Z Nana, as she is often known, admits to having undergone numerous surgeries, particularly those involving the eyes. Zhou has done six double eyelid procedures, five lateral canthoplasty operations (to build the corner of the eye), three body liposuctions, two facial liposuctions, two thigh liposuctions, and major face surgery from the lips to the eyebrows.

The 16-year-old went to the face-lifting needle, face reduction, nose pad, etc. Generally speaking, double eyes. The girl has undergone far more intrusive surgeries where neck surgery tightening has also been done. However, the teenager has certainly had rhinoplasty, according to a cosmetic surgeon and consultant plastic surgeon at The Plastic Surgery Group, as there is a scar evident at the base of the nose in the top photo.

The teenager was so enamored with the beauty on display that she didn’t even pay attention to the doctor’s advice. The girl was warned not to wear contact lenses for at least one month after the surgery, but she put them on anyway to make her eyes look bigger. As a result, her vision deteriorated substantially. Despite these negative side effects, she’s pleased with his ‘700 million-dollar face.’

Liposuction has produced sagging skin on various regions of her body, the high number of incisions has resulted in scars, some of which may never heal, and the frequent anesthesia has resulted in memory loss. It’s difficult to show that the anesthesia caused her memory to deteriorate, but she is convinced that it was. Even so, these issues aren’t enough to convince her to give up her habit.

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It’s impossible for her not to get plastic surgery, according to China’s youngest plastic surgery junkie, who says she’s fine if the 16-year-old doesn’t eat or drink water, but she can’t live without it. No, she is a fan of plastic surgery, but she isn’t afraid of anesthetics.

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