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25th Bond Film is Coming to Theatres but are We in Danger of Getting a Bond TV Show?


A Bond TV Show…What a terrifying thought! but ever since Amazon got their hands on the MGM library in a $8 billion plus deal, that is what most fans fear. The streaming wars has resulted in some massive movies franchises falling into the hands of a select few. The Bond series was the recent victim of Amazon Prime Video trying to expand its library and uncertain future lies ahead for fans and the franchise alike.

Netflix and other streaming giants have looked to consolidate their power in the battle for content. Constant production of new shows and movies is not particularly a great business idea. So, existing properties and franchises have been ripe for takeover by the streamers. MGM, once a massive film studio, had withered away in recent years but it had many properties to offer which resulted in a $8 billion sale to Prime Video.

Considering the massive amounts paid to talent and up and coming imprints in recent years, it was surprisingly cheap amount to pay for a studio that owned the rights to the Bond franchise. But a streamer getting their hands on a property is not always a good thing as reboots and TV adaptations are always a possibility. Something Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, the producers of the Bond movies, have denied off hand.

There (Probably) Won’t Be a Bond TV Show

James Bond is probably the most recognizable character in the whole world. The logo, the theme song, the opening shot of title, everything is ingrained into the brains of millions of fans. They saw the film in theatre or on DVD and fell in love. And with each generation a new Bond cemented the legacy of character with a whole new generation.

Like Doctor Who people battle over who their favorite James Bond is and that goes to show the impact the movie series has had on people. So, with Daniel Craig enjoying his last hurrah with No Time To Die, speculation is rampant as to who will drive the bespoke Aston Martin and carry the Walther PPK. There is a chance for MGM to re-define the character for a new generation.

But that is not going to happen with a TV show. James Bond is way to big a character for a TV show. Though there are ample source material to adapt a long form drama for Prime Video, no one really wants to see the iconic character in an episodic arc show. The allure of Bond is the lavish world created for the spy, from exotic locations to beautiful women who look amazing on the big screen.

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While that could have translated well back in the 60s when Dr. No was released. That cannot be the case in 2021. Jack Ryan managed to become even better after a TV adaptation but no one in particular cared about the Jack Ryan movie series any way. Harrison Ford’s two films are action classics, while Hunt For Red October is looked at fondly, there is no devoted love for the analyst.

James Bond on the other hand is a different monster entirely. A Bond TV show cannot work because frankly no one would be interested in watching it. It would be like driving a Lamborghini on a ranch. It is going to look nice while parked but a Lambo is meant to fly on top of slick roads, not co-exist among cows.

Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson understand what they have been making for decades. So, when a Bond TV show idea was floated, Barbara swatted it down. She told Total Film, “We make films. We make films for the cinema. That’s what we do.” And Michael added, “We’ve resisted that call for 60 years.”

Even the idea of a Y/A teen Bond TV show makes us shiver. Spectre tried to show a young Bond and his relation with his arch nemesis, it did not take. Fans were not particularly receptive about retconning weird connections and making them cannon. So, it is better for Amazon to stick with making movies with a new Bond because there is really no interest from the producers or the fans to bring a Bond TV show into existence.

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Last modified: August 29, 2021