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On August 29, 2021 By Bernd Mueller

25th Bond Film is Coming to Theatres but are We in Danger of Getting a Bond TV Show?

A Bond TV Show...What a terrifying thought! but ever since Amazon got their hands on the MGM library in a...
On July 11, 2021 By Bernd Mueller

The Tomorrow War Sequel is Already in the Works According to Reports!

After sinking $200 million on an original idea, it appears Skydance and Prime Video are reportedly ready to give The...
On July 5, 2021 By Bernd Mueller

The Tomorrow War Part 2 – Chris Pratt’s Alien Thriller Leaves the Door Open for a Sequel!

Chris Pratt brought one of the most enjoyable alien invasion action movies in recent memory. Flipping some of the obvious...
On June 28, 2021 By Bernd Mueller

Anthony Starr Says The Boys Season 3 is His Favorite One Yet!

For the past two years one of the most provocative and almost mirroring the current state of affairs TV show...
On May 7, 2021 By Bernd Mueller

Michael B. Jordan Bombed a Star Wars Audition, The Actor Details in 2021!

Outside of the MCU, Star Wars is the most recognizable brand in the world. From movies to toys, they are...
On May 1, 2021 By Bernd Mueller

Michael B. Jordan on Possible Black Panther 2 Return as Killmonger!

Michael B. Jordan is one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood right now, from DC to streaming services,...
On April 27, 2021 By Bernd Mueller

Chris Pratt is Readying 2 Projects for Amazon Prime Video in 2021!

After a relatively silent 2020 (only voice work for Pixar's Onward) Chris Pratt is coming into 2021 hot with one...
On April 19, 2021 By Bernd Mueller

Aya Cash was Nervous About Playing Stormfront in The Boys Season 2

The Boys on Amazon Prime Video was a collection of horrible people doing horrible things to one another. The Seven...
On April 3, 2021 By Bernd Mueller

Keanu Reeves was Supposed to Star in Tom Clancy's 'Without Remorse'...25 Years Ago!

Tom Clancy's Without Remorse is a new movie starring Michael B. Jordan coming to Prime Video in the month of...
On March 20, 2021 By Bernd Mueller

The Boys Spinoff - Plot, Cast and Everything Else You Need to Know in 2021

In 2019, The Boys became the highest watched show on Amazon Prime Video within a month. A year later, despite...
On September 25, 2020 By Bernd Mueller

Mother's Milk Watching Outlander - The Boys Season 2's Best Moment!

The Boys season 2 is currently playing on Prime Video. Episode 6 was released today, and I have made my...
On September 18, 2020 By Bernd Mueller

The Boys Season 2 - Release Format Made the Show Boring?

The Boys season 1 was one of the best shows of 2019; it was raw, visceral, and wild. In the...
On September 1, 2020 By Bernd Mueller

Simple Idea of Less Being More – Chemical Hearts on Prime Video is an Excellent Movie

I am not a fan of Riverdale. I watched the pilot episode when it was first released, that's all. But...
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