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The Tomorrow War Part 2 – Chris Pratt’s Alien Thriller Leaves the Door Open for a Sequel!


Chris Pratt brought one of the most enjoyable alien invasion action movies in recent memory. Flipping some of the obvious tropes of the genre and employing time travel as a tool for sending soldiers into the future to battle the alien was an interesting use of the idea. But by the end of the film, there is obviously an open door for a possible The Tomorrow War part 2 and here we explore what that would look like.

The Tomorrow War followed a retired military officer who was living a quiet suburban life as a teacher and thinks he is meant for something more. As Dan Forester accepts his reality and settles into his life as dad and a husband, soldiers from the future earth arrive in 2022 and ask the world for help against a burgeoning war that is going to wipe out human population in the future within few years. After incurring heavy losses normal citizens are drafted to fight the war and soon Dan gets the call.

The Chris Pratt starrer movie was meant for the theatres as Paramount invested $200 million on an original idea. But the COVID pandemic meant Prime Video came knocking to buy the distribution rights for the film and got exclusive rights to show the film via their streaming platform with no theatre release. And as millions enjoyed the action flick, there is a chance The Tomorrow War part 2 may happen with the film even setting up some story in the final act.

The Tomorrow War Part 2 – What can We Expect in the Chris Pratt Action Sequel?

As Dan Forester is asked go forward in time as a soldier along with some green recruits, his family does not want him to live. While the conscription into the military only lasts 7 days, the death of rate of a single unit is about 30%. So, there is a chance he will never come back to 2022 and see his daughter and wife again.

In the future, due to some issue with Jumplink, the new soldiers land few feet away from their destination. Dan manages to survive and he is told by the Colonel of the future army that he needs to do a rescue mission and get some vials from a nearby research lab. That is also when the team first encounter whitespikes, an alien species that is bent on killing and eating humans, whose origins are unknown beyond their first attack in Russia.

By the end of the movie Muri Forester of the future figures out the toxin that can be effective against the female. But she is unable to save the future in time as Dan’s time is up and he is transported back to the original time with a single vial of the toxin his daughter asked him to take back. They now have an effective weapon against the female but since the Jumplink is the future was attacked the connection is severed.

Dan then uses help from some friends and analyze the spikes of the Alien which help discern that there were remnants of some volcanic material from China or Korea region. When Dan finally realizes, through the help of a friend, the soot was result of a massive eruption that floated all the way to a Russian glacier, they understand the whitespikes are already here on earth.

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Due to thawing of ice in the future the aliens come alive and take over earth. That is why no record of their entry into earth was ever recorded. So, a ragtag team of soldiers got to the Russian glacier and find an alien ship buried in ice. They enter and realize the pilots of the ship are of different species that the whitespikes, who are being transported in breeding pods.

While the heroes manage to destroy the alien ship, destroying all the females and changing the future, this final ship revelation also opened a door for a possible sequel. The species of the aliens flying the ship was different from the whitespikes. The deadly aliens that would devastate the future were merely weapons for the dead pilots.

Maybe the pilots were taking the whitespikes to a different planet so that the existing population would be wiped out and the main aliens can take over the target world. They are the perfect weapon of mass destruction but who are the pilots and what happens when they really target earth, instead of just crash landing with 10 pods?

The Tomorrow War part 2 can explore further into the world of the pilot aliens. They seem to know what they are doing and appear to be an even bigger threat than whitespikes. If Chris Pratt and Prime Video come around to making a sequel in the future, maybe the pilot aliens can be explored further. It was a simple setup that didn’t need to mean much, but can be extrapolated further in a sequel.

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