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The Boys Spinoff – Plot, Cast and Everything Else You Need to Know in 2021


In 2019, The Boys became the highest watched show on Amazon Prime Video within a month. A year later, despite all the negative reaction surrounding the release format, the show still managed to blow the doors away. Now, there is growing talk of The Boys spinoff with the casting process almost done, here is everything you need to know.

The Boys is a superhero series where the heroes are controlled by a massive corporation called Vought. The kids with power want to be in The Seven, a team of superheroes with the best commercial deals. So, the so-called superheroes are not concerned with saving people, they only want to live fast and earn money.

The superheroes do not care who they hurt until the money is being made. But The Boys are not drinking the Kool-aid, led by Butcher, the band of misfits finds and kills “supes” so they cannot hurt other people. Well, The Boys spinoff show will reveal to the audience where the superheroes learned to be evil, in college.

The Boys Spinoff Plot – What is the New Prime Video Show About?

Based on the Dynamite Entertainment comic book series, The Boys followed Butcher and his crew as they hunt down supes. But for The Boys spinoff series, there is not a reference point for the upcoming show. Still, the people behind the original series have an idea of where they are setting the show.

According to Deadline, The Boys spinoff series is set in an exclusive college for gifted students. Run by Vought the college is there to shape the evil minds of the future and within the walls, the powered teenagers do whatever it takes to get the best deals in the top cities so they can be set for life and maybe one day get into The Seven.

The Boys spinoff sounds a lot like Grown-ish meets Hunger Games but with R-rated violence. It would be interesting to see where the story goes and how the spinoff will be connected to the larger hit Prime Video show.

The Boys Spinoff Cast

The Boys spinoff is yet to be greenlit, Amazon is probably looking at how the whole thing shapes out. We are not certain if the spinoff has a script yet, beyond the logline, but that is not stopping the casting process for the series with lead and other casts already announced.

Jaz Sinclair is leading the show, she is playing the character of Marie, with Lizze Broadway playing Emma. Both are new students in the college but we are not certain what powers they have. It is also not clear if they are really heroes or evil turds who just care about hurting others.

Shane Paul McGhieAimee Carrero, and Maddie Phillips were also recently added to the cast. All young actors who have made a name for themselves in different shows are coming together to whether play the morally sane person or product of an organization infiltrate by the Nazis.

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There is no The Boys spinoff release date as of yet. The show is yet to be greenlit but there is little doubt Prime Video will not go back to the treasure trove of The Boys universe. Since the casting has already begun, the pilot process is also probably on the way and there will be more information in the coming months.

In the meantime, The Boys season 3 is currently in the production phase. After the shocking revelations of season 2, there is more excitement in store for fans in the coming season.

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