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Anthony Starr Says The Boys Season 3 is His Favorite One Yet!

For the past two years one of the most provocative and almost mirroring the current state of affairs TV show......

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‘Supernatural’ Star Jensen Ackles Shares Interesting Trivia About His Character on ‘The Boys’ Season 3

Supernatural’s Dean Winchester star Jensen Ackles shares an interesting detail about his character Soldier Boy in The Boys season...

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Aya Cash was Nervous About Playing Stormfront in The Boys Season 2

The Boys on Amazon Prime Video was a collection of horrible people doing horrible things to one another. The Seven......

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Jensen Ackles’ Hair Transformation for ‘The Boys’ Season 3 is Insane!

Supernatural star Jensen Ackles has undergone an incredible transformation in his appearance before filming The Boys season 3. Jensen...

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‘Dexter’ Actress Katia Winter Set to Play Little Nina in ‘The Boys’ Season 3

Katia Winter is set to play the role of Little Nina in the third season of the hit Amazon Prime......

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The Boys Spinoff – Plot, Cast and Everything Else You Need to Know in 2021

In 2019, The Boys became the highest watched show on Amazon Prime Video within a month. A year later, despite......

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Filming for ‘The Boys’ Season 3 Begins This Week

The Boys season 3 is finally starting production this week. We’ve been aware for a while that the plan is......

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Here’s Why ‘The Boys’ Girl Power Version is Infinitely Better Than Avengers: Endgame’s

The girl power moment in The Boys blows the Avengers: Endgame version out of the water. The Boys Season 2......

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Showrunner Eric Kripke Has Plans for ‘The Boys’ to Run At Least 5 Seasons

Eric Kripke is planning for The Boys to last at least 5 seasons. The hit Amazon superhero drama based on......

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The Boys’ Parody of Marvel Hero Wolverine Had the Weirdest Power

The Wolverine parody on The Boys comics had strange powers, to say the least. The Boys’ comic books have never......

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Mother’s Milk Watching Outlander – The Boys Season 2’s Best Moment!

The Boys season 2 is currently playing on Prime Video. Episode 6 was released today, and I have made my......

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‘The Boys’ – Black Noir’s Secret Identity in the Comics is Shocking!

Why does Black Noir never speak or show his face on The Boys? Ever since we witnessed Black Noir in......

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The Unceremonious Downfall of Joss Whedon – From Nerd God to A Laughing Stock

Ask any science fiction fan worth their weight in salt about the best sci-fi show ever made, and the most......

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The Boys Season 2 – Release Format Made the Show Boring?

The Boys season 1 was one of the best shows of 2019; it was raw, visceral, and wild. In the......

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The Boys Season 3 – Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy is a Rip-off of Marvel’s Captain America

Supernatural star Jensen Ackles will play Soldier Boy – a direct parody of Marvel’s Captain America – on The Boys......

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