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‘The Boys’ – Black Noir’s Secret Identity in the Comics is Shocking!

'The Boys' - Black Noir's Secret Identity in the Comics is Shocking

Why does Black Noir never speak or show his face on The Boys?

Ever since we witnessed Black Noir in the series premiere of The Boys, we’ve often wondered about his mysterious nature. The character never speaks nor shows his face, so there must be something about him that we’re not aware of.

Luckily for us, the graphic novels do address his mystifying nature. Whether or not the show will indeed adopt his comic background, however, is anybody’s guess for the time being.

Why Does Black Noir Never Speak or Take Off His Mask?

Black Noir is the most mysterious character on The Boys.

Black Noir is by far the most mysterious character on The Boys.
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Black Noir never talks or takes off his mask in The Boys, and a valid explanation was provided in the comics. Though Billy Butcher‘s chief target is and shall always be Homelander, Butcher himself ends up being Black Noir’s major target – whenever the peculiar “supe” isn’t dealing with super-terrorists.

Black Noir was sent to take care of business against the terrorist Naqib at the beginning of season 2, but upon making his return home and learning about Compound V, he apparently couldn’t hold his tears in the halls of the Vought Tower. However, that was far from the end of his story.

Despite looking disturbed by the reports of Compound V – learning he was merely an experiment and potentially robbed of a natural childhood – Black Noir evidently took it upon himself to track down the person responsible for the latest misery of The Seven: Billy Butcher.

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Eventually, with the aid of Anika in Crime Analytics, he finds Butcher holed up with M.M. and Hughie at his aunt’s place. The superhero was about to murder Hughie when he was saved by Butcher, who threatens to spill out the identity of Homelander’s child.

That’s when Black Noir received a phone call from Mr. Edgar. As it turns out, he’s been operating on the CEO’s orders the entire time.

What’s peculiar is that when Black Noir received a phone call, he didn’t talk — as a matter of fact, he hasn’t spoken at all since getting introduced in the series premiere of The Boys. This particular attribute is what he shares with the comic book character, but the comic iteration ultimately does speak.

Black Noir’s Comic Background is Shocking!


In the comics, it was revealed Black Noir was a clone of Homelander, and that he was enrolled into The Seven as a contingency plan for when Homelander went beserk.

The reluctance to speak and putting on a mask at all times is just a way to hide his identity. And the blind company allegiance seems to have served in Vought’s favor when Mr. Edgar took Black Noir as his own hitman.

Since Black Noir never uttered a single word for so long and was asked to live a lonely life, he developed deep animosity for Homelander. He wanted to destroy Vought’s shining star, irrespective of the company’s wish, so he harassed Becca Butcher and took pics to forge evidence against Homelander.

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Meanwhile, this specific twist cannot happen in the show as it did in the comics after Homelander admitted to raping Becca. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean Black Noir isn’t a Homelander clone.

With the amount of screen time and emphasis Black Noir is receiving in the second season of The Boys, his identity might soon be exposed. If not, then there’s always a hope the truth will come to light in The Boys season 3, which is still under production.

Either way, it would definitely be fun to see the true face of Black Noir and hear him talking. If the Amazon Prime series does go in the same direction as the comics, it will offer Homelander star Antony Starr a rather interesting part to play in the forthcoming plot.

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