The Boys Season 2 Release Date – Why I Don’t Like the TV Release Method in Streaming

The Boys Season 2 Release Date - Why I Don't Like the TV Release Method in Streaming

The Boys season one took less than a week to break the viewing records of Amazon Prime Video. The series about “superheroes” and normal people holding them accountable was well received by critics, and you just have to stroll through a fan forum to experience the love fans have for the Amazon series.

The Boys showed a world were superheroes are out in the open, and they have become celebrities. A parody of our love for superhero characters in TV and movies, the show worked on many levels. People connected with Butcher and his rag-tag team of assassins looking to kill all the supes they can find.

The fans also came to see the other side of superhero craze and what would be like to live in a world where those with supernatural powers are worshiped as gods. Homelander showed what happens when power is left unchecked and also the gray areas of hating supes.

After the ending of the first season, which was a massive cliffhanger, fans were awaiting the arrival of The Boys season 2. The sophomore season of the show was already greenlit by Amazon before the first season even aired. And now, with season 2 coming close to its release date, Amazon is releasing the show in TV schedule fashion and not like a bulk binge system of the first season.

TV Format Used for The Boys Season 2 Release Date

According to the streaming service, The Boys season 2 will be released on 4 September 2020. But not all eight episodes will be available on that date, as Prime Video is only providing the first three episodes on the first Friday of September. Other remaining episodes will be released each Friday with the finale on 9 October 2020.

For people who like to binge their shows at once and hate waiting for episodes every week, this is not good news. Every Friday in September, we will have to wait for new episodes, and this is not something I am particularly fond of. I like to watch my TV shows in bulk, get it all in a day, and be done with it.

This type of waiting around for new episodes in a streaming platform is not something I like. When I stop watching a show, I forget about it, and if I stop in the middle of my binge, I do not go back for a long while. This type of start and stop method of watching TV shows should be a thing of the past, but here we are. Amazon is getting sneaky and making us wait to enjoy The Boys season 2.

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Netflix tried this format with The Great British Bake Off, and there were people visibly upset at not being able to stream the show. But Netflix had a reason for the episodic release because the British show was filming at that moment. The streaming giant never went back to the format, only using the method to distribute Korean dramas simultaneously.

Amazon finished filming The Boys season 2 a long time ago and making fans wait for just a ploy to get subscribers to stay for more than a month on the platform. Spread out over two months; this is a way for Amazon to get hit and run subscribers who only use the service during big show releases.

I get that some people enjoy savoring their shows, one or two episodes at a time. But I, and some other fans, are not that patient. It would have been nice to see the show as a whole during the first September weekend, but here we are, having to wait five weeks to complete a single eight-episode season.

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