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Mother’s Milk Watching Outlander – The Boys Season 2’s Best Moment!

Mother's Milk Watching Outlander - The Boys Season 2's Best Moment!

The Boys season 2 is currently playing on Prime Video. Episode 6 was released today, and I have made my feelings clear on the sophomore season as well as the release format. But today I wanted to talk about my favorite moment from the second season, Mother’s Milk watching Outlander.

It was a five-second moment in episode five of the beloved show when Mother’s Milk had his earphones on, and on his laptop, he was watching Outlander. There are many things happening there, the property he is watching, the type of show Outlander is, and what it says about the character of Mother’s Milk.

All of those things combined made it a wholesome moment for me and frankly resulted in me liking episode five better than the first four. Episode five had more at stake, and there was also the much-awaited appearance of Terror. But I have to say, it was funny and telling, seeing Mother’s Milk watch Outlander.

Mother’s Milk Watching Outlander was a Nice Moment

Mother's Milk watched Outlander in the fifth episode of Prime Video series The Boys season 2 episode 5.Mother’s Milk watched Outlander in the fifth episode of Prime Video series The Boys season 2 episode 5.
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Mother’s Milk is the most sensible of the bunch; there is no doubt about it. He is a family man who just wants to get back to his daughter. Butcher is on the warpath, Billy is Billy, Frenchy can’t think on his own, and Yumiko is just whatever she is, but Mother’s Milk is the one with a beating heart in the group.

And I would not doubt for a second that man watches Outlander and probably cries watching This Is Us. He may be a burly man on the exterior, but inside he is just so sweet man trying to do the right thing and be a father to his daughter.

For those who do not know, Outlander is based on a book series about a woman who gets transported back from after World War II to Scotland of 1743. She finds a man who will fight in the doomed battle against the British for Scotland’s independence and falls in love.

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The series is a romance science-fiction show which explores different times and is one of the wholesome shows you can watch now. So, it is interesting that Mother’s Milk was particularly interested in the show. And from what I could see, he was still in the earlier portion of the series.

Keep going, big man, there are so many amazing twists to come. When I saw Mother’s Milk watching Outlander, I laughed out loud. It was so in line with the character, and despite my reservations with this season, the creators and writers understand their character deeply, which is inspiring.

Amazon Series’s Character Watching a Starz Show Which is Also Available on Netflix

The reason I was laughing when I saw Mother’s Milk watching Outlander on his laptop was because of where it was happening. Outlander is a Starz series; the show was one of the first hit productions of the young channel, and Amazon acquired the rights to show the series in the UK.

But all the episodes of the beloved show is on Netflix. So, it was funny to me how an Amazon show’s character was watching a Starz debuted show which is currently streaming on Netflix.

Still, that moment was gold, and him trying to hide what he is watching from Billy is even funnier. Everyone knows Mother’s Milk is the strongest of the group, leaving Yumiko. So, he would want to carry that image forward, and watching Outlander probably does not bode well for his character.

Nothing wrong with watching a beautifully acted plotted and shot series. Still, masculinity and all that, we do not need to get into everything. The point is, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Mother’s Milk watching Outlander in The Boys season 2, episode 5.

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