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The Unceremonious Downfall of Joss Whedon – From Nerd God to A Laughing Stock

The Unceremonious Downfall of Joss Whedon – From Nerd God to A Laughing Stock

Ask any science fiction fan worth their weight in salt about the best sci-fi show ever made, and the most likely answer you will get is Firefly. The Joss Whedon-created show is without compare in the current climate, but from a nerd god, Joss’s downfall has been quick and quite amazing in the past couple of years.

Joss Whedon rose to fame with the supernatural series Buffy The Vampire Slayer. The show was a stepping stone in the director going on to become one of the beloved figures in nerd culture. His fame reached the stratosphere when Joss directed The Avengers (first one).

But as that movie became the crest of his career, the downfall of Joss was extremely swift. He caught flak for some questionable decisions in the Age of Ultron, and the downward spiral began. It has got to the point where his ex-wife and even TV shows are taking shots at the director.

Joss Whedon – From Firefly and Avengers to an Industry Laughing Stock

Joss Whedon's downfall has been hard and extremely quick.Joss Whedon’s downfall has been hard and extremely quick.
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My favorite science fiction show is Firefly, the thirteen-episode show, which mashed the western cowboy genre with space opera. It was and still is one of the finest shows you will ever watch, even the companion/continuation movie Serenity is great.

The first time I heard the name of Joss Whedon was after the release of Firefly. I became a fan and went back and watched Buffy because he created the show. He said the right things appeared at the right shows and loved the nerd culture, which is why many of us fans gravitated towards him.

Then The Avengers happened, and something that only lived on comics’ pages was perfectly brought to life. Joss took the credit, and that movie gave us a decade long arc, which ended with the Russo brothers directed Endgame.

The Avengers was perfect; at that time, Joss could do no wrong. Then the Age of Ultron came, to a somewhat lukewarm reception, we blamed Feige and the studio for not allowing Joss’s vision on screen. But later on, it became clear how hard it was to work with Whedon.

After Ultron, the directed said he was done with Marvel. No harm is done; he was still the Joss Whedon, who made Firefly and The Avengers. But then he signed on to finish Justice League. Zack Snyder had to drop out before finishing the movie due to family issues, and Joss stepped in.

Well, we all know what happened on the sets of Justice League. There are plenty of stories from Ray Fisher and others who worked in the film to testify Joss’s working style’s cruel nature. Justice League was a massive disappointment, and then Joss Whedon’s downfall started.

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From a nerd culture savant to a hard person to work with, Joss went from a pedestal to the streets in no time. Justice League was lambasted for hamfisted comedy and frankesteined reshoots, all of which later landed firmly on Joss’s lap.

2017 also had other surprises in store for the director who was derided as a “hypocrite” by his former wife of 16 years. Kai Cole detailed her 20-year relationship with her former husband, calling him feminist ideals preaching hypocrite who cheated on her since Buffy‘s time.

Joss Whedon was always praised for having strong female characters in his movies and TV shows. Well, his wife spilled the beans on what he was really doing in her lengthy article.

After all, the façade went away; even the fans seem to have abandoned the director. It was clear for all to see as everyone laughed in unison when The Boys season 2, episode 5, trolled Joss.

Joss Whedon Downfall – The Boys Season 2 Throws Some Shade

The Boys on Amazon Prime Video has been known to be bold as they satire the superhero genre. The recent episode, number 5, had a movie called Dawn of the Seven, a clear reference to the Dawn of Justice.

But that was not the parody people were laughing at; instead, it was when Homlander mentioned “Joss rewrites” that people started to catch on. Joss Whedon is known for writing cringe-gay moments in his shows and movies, and Dawn of the Seven also featured a bad gay scene involved Queen Maeve.

The question is, how did it all go wrong for the director? He could do no wrong at one point in his career; he was an idol of millions. Now, we are all laughing at jokes made at his expense. I love the work he did, but the downfall of Joss Whedon was not something I expected to see in my lifetime.

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