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Here’s Why ‘Spinning Out’ Deserves Season 2 on Netflix

Here's Why 'Spinning Out' Deserves Season 2 on Netflix

Fans were bitterly disappointed after Netflix canceled Spinning Out following a well-received debut season.

Another show became an unfortunate victim of Netflix’s brutal cancellation spree when Spinning Out was scrapped only a month after debuting on the streaming platform.

Like several other excellent Netflix shows such as Santa Clarita Diet, The OA, and Anne with an E, Spinning Out left long before the viewers had gotten enough of it.

Spinning Out follows a young skater whose career is wrecked by a disastrous accident. Her hopes of becoming an Olympian, though, are revived as she tries to compete as a pair skater, but she must still take into account the truth of her frail mental condition as she battles with bipolar disorder.

Fans of Spinning Out enjoyed the honest depiction of mental health and other societal problems. Despite Netflix’s dismissal, the show’s enthusiastic fandom won’t let the series disappear into oblivion without a battle.

A Brief Look Back at ‘Spinning Out’ Season 1

Spinning Out follows Kat Baker, played by Kaya Scodelario, a talented figure skater who suffers traumatic injuries after she falls and hits her head on the ice. Following her accident, Kat’s confidence gets shattered, and she resigns to become a coach, working a part-time job as a hotel waitress.

Kat gets a second opportunity to succeed upon the arrival of a privileged, rich kid Justin Davis (Evan Roderick), who enters her life as a future partner for pair skating. Justin’s wealthy father brings the cash out to make sure his son has a partner who will win him Olympic gold.

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Away from the ice, however, Kat’s also got to deal with personal distress in her struggle with bipolar disorder while seeing her mother continuously be consumed with the same illness.

‘Spinning Out’ Depicts the Struggles with Mental Health

Spinning Out gained massive acclaim from viewers for the honest depiction of mental health disorders. The characters offer raw portraits of the horror that surrounds mental health problems.

Kat, in particular, wrestles with self-harm as she waves between mania and depression. Kat’s mother, Carol (January Jones), is depicted as a woman who has to cope with the negative emotions of living in the past while barely handling her mental condition.

The supporting characters on Spinning Out are well-developed, too, and their arcs cover a plethora of specific issues. Kat’s friend and companion, Marcus (Mitchell Edwards), a Black man, shares his previous history of racial prejudice.

Likewise, Kat & Justin’s mentor Dasha, a Russian ex-pat, shares she was compelled to decide between a gorgeous lady and an Olympic dream when she was a young ice skater.

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Wealth disparity and classism are also at the forefront, particularly in the relationship between Kat & Justin’s rich history. Kat’s family is constantly dealing with financial difficulties that contribute to their mental health challenges.

Sexual harassment is another topic tackled in Spinning Out when Kat’s younger sister Serena (Willow Shields) becomes the target of her coach’s predatory instincts.

Fans Demand Season 2 for the Completion of the Story Arc

Fans are eager to watch Spinning Out season 2.

Fans are eager to watch Spinning Out season 2.
Source: Radio Times

Fans are demanding Spinning Out season 2 for the fascinating exploration into social problems as well as an intriguing plot. Since the series only had ten episodes, viewers merely got a glimpse of Kat’s narrative.

Season 2, in addition, is significant to allow the characters to grow further. As a matter of fact, Kat & Justin’s relationship had just started to flourish.

Kat was on the brink of letting her illness go public while Carol was finally beginning to stray away from trouble. Without a season 2, Spinning Out fans will be left hanging.

Is There Any Hope for Spinning Out Season 2?

There might be a flicker of hope for viewers wishing for Spinning Out season 2. Since the show started on the Pop network under the title Kiss and Cry, there could be a hope that the network might rescue the series.

However, the key reason Netflix nabbed Spinning Out in the first place was due to Pop’s financial difficulty to produce the show, leaving expectations for the second season rather far-fetched.

A petition was brought not long after Netflix confirmed the cancelation of Spinning Out. The petition to resurrect the ice skating series achieved up to 30,000 signatures in a week.

Though Netflix seldom brings back programs even with strong public support, perhaps the massive uproar from fans might ignite slight impact in the Netflix empire.

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