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Why was Chris Evans Replaced by Sebastian Stan in The Devil All the Time?

Why was Chris Evans Replaced by Sebastian Stan in The Devil All the Time?

The Devil All the Time is ruling charts on Netflix all over the world. Most people praising the wild assembly of an amazing cast but for fans of Chris Evans will remember the actor was supposed to be in the movie when it was first announced, only to be replaced later.

It was announced in September of 2018 that the book was being adapted into a movie with Jakes Gyllenhal serving as producer. The same announcement also made clear that Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson, and Chris Evans were starring in the movie.

Five months later Chris dropped out and the movie we see now is a little different from what it could’ve been. Sebastian Stan was great Sheriff Lee Bodecker but we are here to tell you, Chris Evans would’ve played the character; instead, he was replaced by Stan.

Chris Evans was Replaced by Sebastian Stan in The Devil All the Time

Chris Evans was replaced by Sebastian Stan as Sheriff Lee Bodecker in The Devil All the Time.Chris Evans was replaced by Sebastian Stan as Sheriff Lee Bodecker in The Devil All the Time.
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Ever since filming on the two final Avengers movies were done, most of the actors were off looking for future endeavors. Chris Evans made his final appearance in the universe and he was done with the role of Captain America.

Throughout his time in the MCU, the actor always managed to appear in passion projects with varying levels of success. And in September of 2018, it was announced he was part of the star-studded cast involved in the making The Devil All the Time.

Additional cast members were announced at the start of 2019 with filming set to begin. But Chris Evans had to drop out of the movie because of scheduling conflicts. He was juggling two different projects at the time and filming a third movie was not feasible.

Chris Evans had to drop out and he was replaced by Sebastian Stan, Chris’ good friend from the Avengers. Sebastian was recommended by Chris for the role of Sheriff Lee Bodecker. Even when he was not able to play the character the actor wanted his friend to appear in the film.

Well, Chris’s wishes were taken to heart and the makers of the movie went with Sebastian. The Winter Soldier actor played the somewhat corrupt Sheriff in the movie who helps Tom Holland’s character Arvin at the start of the movie.

Imagine Tom and Chris together in the movie continuing on their fight from Captain American: Civil War. Well, we did not see Bronx and Brooklyn go at it again but we got a continuation of the Winter Soldier and Spiderman.

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I won’t lie, seeing Chris Evans play another questionable character would’ve been fun but he needed to be replaced. The actor was in talks to appear in Antoine Fuqua‘s sci-fi movie Infinite and also producing and starring in the hit Apple TV+ series Defending Jacob.

Evans had to leave Infinite again because of scheduling conflicts, he was replaced by Mark Whalberg. But the actor did utilize his time to bring an amazing thriller series for the up and coming Apple small format platform.

Chris Evans Mistakenly Shares His Nudes

It was just a normal week, fans were fawning over Chris Evans and when he shared a screenshot of his camera roll, someone noticed a picture. The photo was of Chris’ penis and he quickly removed the screenshot from his social media.

Still, there were people sharing the photo online. But soon fans came to the actor’s rescue as they made it clear that sharing the picture after it was taken down is an invasion of privacy. Chris mistakenly posted the picture and resharing it is not cool.

Chris Evans started to trend on Twitter due to the nude picture but soon fans flooded the hashtag with pictures of Chris with children and dogs. The screenshot was drowned out in a wild barrage of positive posts showing the actor as a humanitarian and not promoting his body.

Chris later thanked the fans for coming to his rescue and he reiterated that the image going out was a mistake on his part. Thank god the actor has some loyal and devoted fans who will do whatever it takes to protect his image.

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