The Boys’ Parody of Marvel Hero Wolverine Had the Weirdest Power

The Boys' Parody of Marvel Hero Wolverine Had the Weirdest Power

The Wolverine parody on The Boys comics had strange powers, to say the least.

The Boys’ comic books have never been hesitant to take extremely funny pops at the famous Marvel and DC Comics superheroes. However, none of their parodies were more absurd than Ground Hawk, a version of Wolverine that possessed hammers for hands and couldn’t resist saying the same phrase over and over again.

Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson‘s popular graphic novel is all about getting popular superheroes and turning them into vile, selfish characters. Heroes parodied include the xenophobic Martian Manhunter (Jack From Jupiter), the inept Teen Titans clone (Team Titanic), and the sex-crazed Batman and Iron Man conglomeration (Tek Knight).

The comic also mocked superhero incidents as the heroes of The Boys took part in a massive orgy instead of an apocalyptic disaster. The books came to life after the stories were brought to screen through Amazon Prime.

The Wolverine Parody Ground Hawk is Hilarious on The Boys Comics

In The Boys Issue #27 by Ennis and Robertson, Hughie – who wears his Bagpipe outfit and infiltrates the G-Mansion owned by the G-Wiz team – gets in touch with the G-Men, The Boys’ version of the X-Men.

Hughie is shocked when a member called Ground Hawk, starts snarling at him and repeats the word “gonna” over and over again. Demeanor-wise, it’s undeniably meant to be the hawk version of Wolverine.

The Boys' parody of Wolverine called Ground Hawk hilariously repeats the same phrase.

The Boys’ parody of Wolverine called Ground Hawk hilariously repeats the same phrase.
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Ground Hawk has an agitated scoop on his face, is relatively short, has a similar tilted nose, and possesses several physical features that match Wolverine. Although he doesn’t have claws, he’s got hammers for hands, albeit it’s not clear if they’re adamantium.

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Unfortunately, Ground Hawk failed to hang around for a long time. Vought became concerned about John Godolkin, The Boys’ equivalent to Professor X, who is narcissistic, sexually abusing, and has been too much of a challenge for the corporation to contend with.

The G-Men (led by Ground Hawk) and the G-Squads, such as G-Force, G-Wiz, and G-Style, resolve to battle Vought’s effort to bring down Godolkin. They ignorantly claim to Vought, “there isn’t one of us won’t die for John Godolkin.”

That’s when Vought troops rain explosives to the crowd and destroy every single G-Men. It’s a tragic end for the whole squad. The moment also reveals Ground Hawk does not have one of Wolverine’s significant powers: immortality.

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Ground Hawk’s tenure in The Boys comics may have been brief, but his knack for saying “gonna” and his crazy hammer limbs made him a good parody of Wolverine.

It would be awesome to see Ground Hawk turn up on The Boys TV series, even though it was only a small cameo before his demise. He’s a ridiculous character who embodies the insane nature of The Boys’ universe.

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