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Simple Idea of Less Being More – Chemical Hearts on Prime Video is an Excellent Movie

Simple Idea of Less Being More – Chemical Hearts on Prime Video is an Excellent Movie

I am not a fan of Riverdale. I watched the pilot episode when it was first released, that’s all. But I have been a keen observer of Lili Reinhart over the years.

This is why seeing her in Prime Video movie Chemical Hearts was a welcome surprise. I would even go so far as to say; her performance was one of the finest I’ve seen all year.

Starring in a movie with a simple story of a boy meets girl in high school. The rote story that everyone could tell in their sleep by now worked for Chemical Hearts because of the sheer simplicity of the script and the two leads’ calm performances.

Finally, a romance movie where the dramatic question was not about “will they won’t they,” instead, the film is about a broken girl’s journey and her decision to whether wallow and let the pain swallow her or take control of her life and forgive herself.

Less is More – Chemical Hearts on Prime Video Rides This Philosophy

At this point, I probably need to tell you what the title of the movie is all about. Chemical Hearts is not about drug use; instead, it is just a story device to show the agony of relationships and what teenagers and most adults go through.

Every difficult situation in the world for a teenager feels like the end of the universe. The sister of Austin Abrams’ character in the movie explains the different reaction that goes through in a person’s brain and heart which exponentially blows up each and every situation.

That is what Chemical Hearts, the title of the movie means, exponentially expanding difficult moments to feel more pain. And that is the message the film tries to convey in its 93-minute runtime through the two amazing leads.

When the movie’s script is concerned, that is the simplicity I’m referring to, something that is close to everyone’s heart and have gone through in their teen lives. There is nothing too unbelievable in the film, which makes it a smooth watch and, in a way, endears itself to the hearts of the viewers.

When I was watching this film, certain memories of another modern classic were popping in my head. The Spectacular Now and Chemical Hearts may not be on the same level, but they share a kind soul, which we desperately need in these trying times.

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Chemical Hearts follows two teenagers who meet while waiting to hear about editing their school’s paper. Henry wants it, Page doesn’t care, and slowly a friendship between them forms, but there is something strange about Page.

Take her cane, for example, which leads to Henry finding something about her part. It is a traumatic past that haunts her and eats at her and something that makes her thing she doesn’t deserve to be happy.

A Story Rooted in Reality

Where the story would’ve lost its flair was if they have Henry fix her, and they moved on happily ever after. But with The Spectacular Now and Chemical Hearts, that is not the case, which bodes true for a reality we all live in.

We need to pick ourselves up and fight the war called life every day. No one will do it for us, and no one will do it for Page. That simplicity in telling the truth about life makes this movie stick out in my brain, which is filled with unnecessary crap.

Romance movies are not my forte, I actively avoid films like them, but from the first time I saw the trailer almost a month ago, I wanted to see it. The reason was simply to see Lili Reinhart play a character that is not her beat.

And she was the winning formula for the movie. A perfectly paced film found an actress dying to show her skills to the whole world. I don’t know how many people have seen this movie, but I implore you, please do watch it.

After you are done, maybe try out Stargirl, not the DC hero, but the Disney movie. Another simplistic put a smile on your face, film which I back wholeheartedly.

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