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Keanu Reeves was Supposed to Star in Tom Clancy’s ‘Without Remorse’…25 Years Ago!


Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse is a new movie starring Michael B. Jordan coming to Prime Video in the month of April 2021. The film tells the story of John Clark, a United States Navy SEAL, and 25 years ago Keanu Reeves was supposed to play the character in a movie for Savoy Pictures.

Based on the book written by Tom Clancy in 1993, the story gives us the background regarding John Clark who was introduced in the late 80s. The book came out during a time when Paramount was shelling out large sums of money for Clancy’s work but instead of working with them, Tom sold the rights to Without Remorse to another studio.

The famous write and game maker is a Republican and he was not happy with the “bastardization” of his work by “liberal Hollywood.” That is why Savoy Pictures got the rights to the book for a whopping cost of $2.5 million. In 1993 Michael B. Jordan was 6 years old so Keanu was the one chosen to take on the role.

Keanu Reeves Rejected a Big Offer to Play John Clark in Without Remorse 25 Years Ago

Nicholas Cage as Superman, Tom Cruise as Iron Man, and Will Smith as Neo, there are some of the biggest Hollywood castings that almost happened. Some castings work out for the better, others don’t but hind sight is 20/20 and we can criticize the decisions made in the past all we want. No one can see whether the movie will be a success or a failure by simply reading the script.

Well, in the 1990s Keanu Reeves was the hottest property. Bill & Ted was a success, Point Break raked at the box office and Speed became an action movie classic. So, when Savoy Pictures came calling for the actor in the late 1993 Keanu turned down a $7 million deal to star in the movie.

Later during an interview with EW, the actor said he loves playing in the action genre but become the best Arnie/Sly/Willis was not his intention. He was looking for variety in work and playing rough tough lone wolf action star would become monotonous over time. At the time of the offer for Without Remorse he was filming Speed with Sandra Bullock and later did not return for the sequel.

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Keanu Reeves’ most recognizable works may have come in movies such as The Matrix, Speed, and John Wick but no one calls him an action star. Recently he has built a reputation of being the nicest man on the face of the earth. Over a career filled with amazing moments with everyone he met, the actor is reaping the benefits of his kindness.

He may be close to 60-years-old but he is not slowing down any time soon, giving fans pure commitment and beautiful moments along the way. Would it have been interesting to see the actor as one of Tom Clancy’s characters? Maybe! But one thing is for certain the next chapter of Keanu Reeves‘ career is going to be more interesting than the last and we are all excited to see it.

Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse is coming to Amazon Prime Video on 30 April 2021. Produced by and Starring Michael B. Jordan, after 26 years in production hell, we will finally get to meet John Clark. Meanwhile you can watch Clancy’s other work, Jack Ryan, on Prime Video. Starring John Krasinski, Jack Ryan is a TV show with two seasons and a third one coming soon to the streaming platform.

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Last modified: April 3, 2021