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On July 21, 2021 By Bernd Mueller

Nicolas Cage Talks Pig’s Comparison to John Wick – New Movie Receiving Critical Acclaim in 2021!

Throwing away a career with bad choices is not something new in Hollywood. There are more stories of riches to...
On June 11, 2021 By Bernd Mueller

Laurence Fishburne is Back for John Wick: Chapter 4 – Bowery King Actor Confirms!

This was the year we were supposed to get a vengeful John Wick go after the leaders of the High...
On June 5, 2021 By Bernd Mueller

Donnie Yen Joins John Wick: Chapter 4 – Filming Begins Soon!

Hong Kong cinema legend and all out action star Donnie Yen is joining the cast of John Wick: Chapter 4....
On May 9, 2021 By Bernd Mueller

Nobody 2 - From John Wick Crossover to Expansion, Everything You Need to Know!

Nobody starring Bob Odenkirk as a avenging former assassin was a moderate success for 87North Entertainment and Universal Pictures. Almost...
On April 24, 2021 By Bernd Mueller

How John Wick's Minimalism Saved the Action Movie Genre From Itself

Ask any action movie fans the names of 10 great films in the 2010s, the three John Wick movies will...
On April 23, 2021 By Bernd Mueller

The Continental with Young Winston Joining the John Wick Franchise as a TV Event!

After a couple of years of rumors and slow development we have not got the confirmation that The Continental is...
On April 3, 2021 By Bernd Mueller

Keanu Reeves was Supposed to Star in Tom Clancy's 'Without Remorse'...25 Years Ago!

Tom Clancy's Without Remorse is a new movie starring Michael B. Jordan coming to Prime Video in the month of...
On March 24, 2021 By Bernd Mueller

A Comic Book and Movie Adaptation - BRZRKR with Keanu Reeves Coming Soon!

In 2021 Keanu Reeves will release a comic book series created by him, called BRZRKR. And Netflix has already greenlit...
On March 15, 2021 By Bernd Mueller

Ruby Rose says Keanu Reeves is Her "Number One Adversary"

Ruby Rose has been around action movies and TV shows for a few years now. She has the love of...
On February 18, 2021 By Steve Goodman

Neil Patrick Harris Teases "Intimate" Details About Matrix 4

'Matrix 4' newcomer Neil Patrick Harris shares "intimate" details about the upcoming film. One of the several new faces we'll...
On December 6, 2020 By Steve Goodman

Is Keanu Reeves Making a Return to Speed 3?

Keanu Reeves is reportedly returning to Speed 3. Most people believe Die Hard (1988) is the single best action film...
On October 17, 2020 By Bernd Mueller

John Wick Spinoff Jess Wick? Jessica Henwick is Pestering Keanu Reeves

John Wick has become a bonafide franchise. Each movie of the series did better at the box office than the...
On August 28, 2020 By Steve Goodman

Keanu Reeves Was Eager to Make 'Bill & Ted Face the Music' a Decade Ago

You might assume it took really long to make Bill & Ted Face the Music (almost 30 years) since Keanu...
On August 25, 2020 By Bernd Mueller

Jessica Chastain Movie Ava - Why John Wick Imitators Fail

Ava tries and fails to be the new John Wick. The last time Keanu Reeves was in a relevant movie...
On August 7, 2020 By Steve Goodman

John Wick 5 is Happening; Set to be Filmed Back-to-Back with Fourth Installment

John Wick 5 receives the green light and is set to be filmed immediately following the conclusion of the fourth...
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