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John Wick Spinoff Jess Wick? Jessica Henwick is Pestering Keanu Reeves

John Wick has become a bonafide franchise. Each movie of the series did better at the box office than the previous release. There are even talks of a prequel series and a series based on the Continental Hotel chain seen in the movie. But actress Jessica Henwick has her own idea about a John Wick spinoff called Jess Wick.

Jessica Henwick is famous for her performance in the relatively liked Netflix-Marvel show Iron Fist. She played Colleen Wing in the show, one of the few bright spots in the spotty first season, and then took over the second season. Next, she will appear in the highly anticipated Matrix 4, which is where she is pitching her John Wick spinoff idea to Keanu Reeves.

Keanu Reeves’ career was revived, and he became a sweetheart of the internet after appearing in the first John Wick movie. The movie has resulted in two sequels, with the fourth movie currently in development. And while working in Matrix 4, he is being pestered by Jessica Henwick, resulting in the duo even acting out few scenes for the fourth movie’s supposed end credit.

Jessica Henwick wants a Cameo in John Wick 4 Playing Jess Wick, a John Wick Spinoff Character

john-wick-spinoff-jess-wick-matrix-4-jessica-henwickJessica Henwick is pitching a John Wick spinoff movie Jess Wick to Keanu Reeves.
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Jess Wick is supposed to be a John Wick spinoff, according to Jessica Henwick. She wants to appear at the end of John Wick 4 in the same way Bowery King and John Wick interacted at the end of Parabellum. This scene is supposed to be her introduction to Wick‘s sprawling and expanding universe and a back door pilot for her solo movie.

The actress talked to The Hollywood Reporter, where she revealed how she has a relationship with the John Wick movie crew. Iron Fist and John Wick shot close to one another, and Jessica hung out with Wick‘s crew. Ever since then, she has a Jess Wick spinoff movie in her head, and when she got the chance, Keanu needed to hear it.

Jessica said she has been annoying Keanu Reeves with her constant pitch about Jess Wick. The actress said, “So I pitch Jess Wick to Keanu all the time. I’m probably driving him crazy.” Keanu is not the type to get crazy at anyone, but constant pestering is not exactly conducive to a person’s mental health (joking).

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Talking about her supposed John Wick spinoff, the actress revealed, “I was like, ‘OK, Keanu, listen to me. Boom. Jonh Wick 4, last five minutes, credits roll, post-credit sequence. Boom! You see my face, Jess Wick.’”

Well, Keanu was not going to leave her hanging, so whether a spinoff gets made or not, he joined the fun. “I just started acting it out and then he started acting it out, too. We put on this little 10-minute show of what Jess Wick and John Wick would be like,” Jessica explained.

Keanu has probably heard enough to write a screenplay himself, but someone else also needs convincing, director Chad Stahelski. Well, Jessica is not leaving any stones unturned, “Chad Stahelski, the director of all the John Wick movies, is flying out in two weeks, I think. So I’m going to go straight up to him and I’m going to say it.”

Jessica Has the Chops to Fit in the John Wick Universe

Jessica Henwick is just shooting her shot in the dark. She may never hit the bullseye, but the actress is definitely someone who can hold her own in the John Wick franchise.

We have all seen the actress with her Katana going against groups of thugs and also with her hands and fists, making her presence felt. Jessica is known for doing most of her stunts in the Iron Fist series, and she is a trained martial artist.

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So, considering her training and roles she has played to date, I, for one, am certain she can hold her own in a John Wick movie. The actress would fit right in with the franchise. She might not get her own John Wick spinoff playing Jess Wick, but she can be a good addition to the amazing John Wick cast.

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Last modified: October 17, 2020