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A Comic Book and Movie Adaptation – BRZRKR with Keanu Reeves Coming Soon!


In 2021 Keanu Reeves will release a comic book series created by him, called BRZRKR. And Netflix has already greenlit a movie adaptation based on the comic with an accompanying anime acting as a follow-up. Even more interesting is the fact Keanu will be starring in the lead role while voicing the character in the anime.

There are few people in this world who are as universally loved as Keanu Reeves. The level of affection fans have for the movie star is unprecedented and anything featuring the actor is almost a certainty to become a hit. It was a perfect storm that started with the first John Wick movie and half a decade later Keanu is the nicest man on the planet.

His fan following has grown exponentially in recent years, and so have the stories shared on the internet showing how he is the perfect and kind human being. And those fans will follow him wherever he decides to take them, this time it is a Netflix movie based on a comic book created by himself.

Who is B.? What is BRZRKR About?

It was announced last year that Keanu Reeves would be involved in the making of a comic book series for BOOM! Studios. Along with comic book writer Matt Kindt and illustrator Ron Garney, the first issue is currently available for preorder and will be released later this year.

BRZRKR is a story of a half-mortal half-god warrior who has been fighting in one battle or the other for over 80,000 years. Looking for meaning and trying not to lose his sanity while being involved in all the bloodshed, B. arrives in America where he is employed by the US government.

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Promised knowledge of his existence and most of all, a way to end his own suffering and die, B. works for the US government. Fighting battles no one would dare go into, the truth seems so close but yet so far, and the comic book will detail the story of a warrior who is tired of fighting but that is also the only thing he knows how to do.

BRZRKR has been described as being brutally violent and will also feature a psychological aspect. It all sounds pretty exciting, even more so with Keanu Reeves writing the comic and then playing the main character in a movie. Considering Netflix‘s content these past few years, BRZRKR seems to fit in perfectly with the whole brand.

Netflix is Releasing a BRZRKR Movies Adaptation With a Continuation Anime

While a comic book written by Keanu Reeves is pretty exciting, watching him play the lead from the comics in a movie is like a diehard fans’ fever dream. But that is exactly what is happening with BRZRKR with Netflix optioning the comic book for a live-action movie and then a continuation anime.

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A tweet released by NX Netflix read, “Exciting news! Netflix is developing a live-action film AND follow-up anime series based on Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR, a brutally epic saga about an immortal warrior’s 80,000-year fight through the ages. Reeves will produce and star in the film, and voice the anime.

While Keanu is currently busy working on The Matrix 4, he will then head to back-to-back shoots of John Wick Chapter 4 and 5. That means it will be a while before we get to see Keanu as B. in the Netflix live-action adaptation of BRZRKR.

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Last modified: March 24, 2021