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Tiana Mangakahia Boyfriend in 2021: Who is the Australian Women’s basketball Player Dating? Here’s What You Should Know

tiana mangakahia boyfriend in 2021

Here’s what you should know about Tiana Mangakahia boyfriend in 2021. Is the Australian Women’s basketball player dating someone? Let’s find out.

Tiana Mangakahia has recently been the talk of the town, another Syracuse (women) player making the rounds of the tabloid following  Marek Dolezaj.

Tiana Mangakahia, however, is on the news for different reasons. According to the official website, the 25-year-old Australian women’s basketball player decided to bid her farewell to Syracuse. She has not only been the best player for the team but, she is the fighter.

Tiana Mangakahia survived breast cancer. She has been the fighter throughout her career in Syracuse and other teams she has played before. Fan Nation posted a rather long article (a thank you note) for all the great games she gave throughout these years. The last game of Tiana, however, was emotional. Tiana Mangakahia’s team lost to Connecticut by 83-47.

But that’s not what we are here for, no more tears now. Since her announcement to retire from the team, she has caught a lot of attention lately, and her increasing fans want to dive deep into her personal life. We saw many of them asking if the 25-year-old is dating someone, for which even we were curious.

So we stalked and found something interesting about Tiana Mangakahia’s dating life. Here’s what you should know.

Tiana Mangakahia Boyfriend in 2021: Is the Women’s Basketball Player Dating Someone?

We can already tell you are all excited to know about Tiana Mangakahia’s relationship in 2021. Well, is she dating someone? This is the question we asked ourselves and dived deep into the facts. However, there was nothing to be found about her dating life and boyfriend.

We stalked almost all her social media but no luck finding information about her boyfriend. It’s clear the 25-year-old Australian women’s basketball player is all focused on her career and has been busy motivating females around her. Her Instagram and other social media posts are full of motivation that all can take.

If you don’t believe us, here’s a quote from Tiana Mangakahia. She writes,

“I know this will be tough, but I will get through it. This is just the beginning for me and I will come out stronger. I have much more to accomplice…”

But We Think Tiana Mangakahia Does Have a Boyfriend!

Well, this is just speculation, but we have a strong hunch for this. We think she might have a boyfriend.

tiana mangakahia boyfriend in 2021

Tiana Mangakahia is in a relationship with her alleged boyfriend, Keanu Pinder.
Photo Source: Keanu Pinder, Instagram

We know we told you guys there was nothing on her social media posts, but there, in her Instagram account, we found something that indicates she does have a boyfriend in 2021. They are not Instagram official yet, but certainly dating each other.

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In one of the stories, she mentioned the name “Keanu Pinder,” and the post was rather cryptic. The story itself doesn’t tell you anything, but our BAE Magazine team thinks she is dating that guy!

So Who is Tiana Mangakahia’s Alleged Boyfriend?

Tiana Mangakahia’s alleged boyfriend, Keanu Pinder, is another Australian basketball player currently playing for the Adelaide 36ers. The facts that both are basketball players, are from Australia, and are 25 years old gives conviction to our speculations.

When our team concluded the two are dating, we stalked Keanu Pinder’s profile as well, but just like Tiana Mangakahia’s, we didn’t find anything to support our guess. However, our team still thinks the alleged couple is totally dating.

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