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Who is DJ Drama Girlfriend in 2021? Also Find Out What Happened Between DJ, Summer P Walker, and Drake

dj drama current girlfriend debakii real name.

Here’s what you should know about DJ Drama girlfriend and his side chick in 2021. What’s going on in DJ Drama’s relationship? Here’s everything you should know.

Tyree Cinque Simmons, better known for his stage name DJ Drama, is an American professional record executive, DJ, and music promotor based in Philadelphia. DJ Drama is also the co-founder of Generation Now with his partner, Don Cannon.

DJ got his recognition as the official DJ for T.I. and prominent mixtape DJ with his Gangsta Grillz series. His mixtape included leading artists like Lil Wayne, Fabolous, Ludacris, Gucci Mane, and many more.

While DJ is one of the top-notch music promoters, no doubt, and he has earned his name by doing so; however, he came into the spotlight for something else as well. Many of the people got to know him through Meek Mill and Drake feud.

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Since we are discussing DJ Drama’s girlfriend, Meek Mill and Drake’s feud also involves one of the DJ Drama’s ex-girlfriends. Well, things went nasty for the 42-year-old’s girlfriend allegedly slept with Drake. We will elaborate on this in a while, but let’s find out DJ Drama’s current girlfriend; who is she? Let’s find out.

DJ Drama Girlfriend in 2021? Who is She?

Following all the fuss with his previous girlfriend, DJ Drama is currently dating his new girlfriend, Debakii. The Latina, as it seems, is an Instagram model and boasts more than 142,000 followers on her account.

dj drama girlfriend debakii real name.

DJ Drama is currently dating his girlfriend, Debakii.
Photo Source: Debakii, Instagram

Nothing more is known about her except for her Instagram account (@debakii). However, looking at her profile, it seems from the Latina Instagram model hails from California, but nothing is confirmed yet.

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While talking about DJ Drama and his current girlfriend, Debakiii’s, relationship, the couple started dating in late 2018 and have been in an on-and-off relationship throughout. However, the two are together again, and also causing a stir in media with their drama.

DJ Drama Got Side Chick As Well!

Since we know DJ Drama and his girlfriend, Debakii, have been in an on-and-off relationship, recently we found that the 42-year-old music promoter has been entertaining himself with a side chick.

Recently, an event involving DJ, his girlfriend, and his side chick took social media by surprise when DJ Drama’s side chick, Vanessa Chantal, claimed his girlfriend physically attacked her.

An article published on February 18, 2020, on Ace Showbiz suggests DJ Drama’s girlfriend, Debakii, attacked his side chick that left several injuries on Chantal’s body.

dj drama girlfriend side chick, vanessa chantal.

DJ Drama was having an affair with Vanessa Chantal while he was still in a relationship with Debakii.
Photo Source: Chantal, Instagram

According to the statement by Chantal, she started dating DJ Drama when he claimed he had broken up with Debakii. When they started dating, On the night of 16th Feb 2020, DJ called Chantal to his house.

But later, DJ called Chantal to say not to come, but still, she went only to find Debakii in DJ’s house. The next thing, as you can assume already, Debakii attacked Chantal, leaving several injuries on her body.

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DJ Drama recorded the whole thing on his camera instead of breaking their fight off and claimed DJ called her at his house and purposely set her up to be attacked. Despite all the fuss, no press charges were filed against DJ Drama and his girlfriend.

N0w Coming Back to DJ Drama, Drake, and Summer P Walker Incident

This whole thing dates back to 2015 when Meek Mill and Drake got into a nasty feud. In a recent interview on “Drink Champs,” talking to DJ EFN and Nore, DJ Drama talked about what happened.

During the episode, the DJ revealed Drake had used someone to write his songs. The 42-year-old further explained why he got himself involved between Drake and Meek’s beef. According to him, DJ was dating Summer P Walker, whom he loved dearly; however, feelings were not mutual.

dj drama girlfriend drake summer p walker

Meet Summer P Walker, DJ Drama’s ex-girlfriend that Drake allegedly had s*x with.
Photo Source: Summer P Walker, Instagram

DJ’s anger for Drake seemed all too reasonable as, according to him, Drake b*nged his then-girlfriend, Summer P Walker. The then-couple broke up, but DJ was not going to let go of the things that easily.

DJ revealed how he got Drake Back for sm*shing his then-girlfriend, Summer P Walker, and following Meek and Drake’s beef.

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