Billie Eilish Dyes Hair Blonde After Revealing Fake Wig-Hair on TikTok!

Mar 18, 2021 @ 20:36 GMT+0000
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Billie Eilish New Blonde Hair

Billie Eilish comes with a new Blonde look shortly after revealing previous green and black hair being fake! 

By now you might’ve seen or heard the new blonde-hair looks of the 63rd Grammy winner Billie Eilish. One thing the new look surely tells is it reveals the true inner self of the singer.

Yes, Eilish Fans it was a shock to us too and to the millions of Pop Queen fans who showered loved with 18,417,546 hearts on her Instagram – within a day. “Go #BillieGang”. Prior to that – precisely on Grammy 2021, Billie had black and green-dyed hair, you might’ve noticed if you watched her win the Grammy for Record of the Year.

Billie Eilish Green Hair is Fake!

Billie Eilish might be wearing a wig on Grammy.
Image Source: Instagram (@billieeilish)

But before dying her hair Blonde, the 19-years-old singer also created a stir of controversy after she released a short clip showing her hair being nothing more than a wig. It has now made some fans crazy and angry for lying about it.

A majority of fans are inspired by Eilish hair and have even dyed it ‘green’ and ‘black’ and now it seemed like it was fake since the beginning! It might not be completely true too, but who knows the new Blonde Hair might also be a fake one.

Watch: Billie Eilish Reveals Fake Wig Hair!

But there are also some reports from Pop Buzz who tells us the possibility of Eilish wearing a wig to hide her new look during Grammy. And the new looks also resemble a fresh start for her highly anticipated second album Therefore I Am which she unveiled during her interview with Zane Lowe back on November 12, 2020.

And seeing the hair texture, shape, and look, it’s 100% sure that Billie died it golden this time and she seems to have doubled her charm. Kind of giving the Scarlet Johanson vibes.

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So what do you think about Billie’s new hair color and what are your thoughts on her recent disclosure? Make sure to be updated for more facts & more Pop Buzz articles make sure to visit BAE Mag.


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