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Nobody 2 – From John Wick Crossover to Expansion, Everything You Need to Know!


Nobody starring Bob Odenkirk as a avenging former assassin was a moderate success for 87North Entertainment and Universal Pictures. Almost three times the budget take at the box office means a sequel in inevitable and some rumors have been circulating about Nobody 2, from a John Wick crossover to world expansion.

The Bob Odenkirk starrer movie followed Hutch Mansell, a mild mannered accountant working in a metal fabrication factory. Hutch has a family and a marriage that is going downhill, which is not helped when a home invasion sees Hutch taking a restrained approach. But when his daughter’s bracelet goes missing from home, past training and life come back quick throwing the father of two into a spiral of violence.

The film was released in theaters on 26 March 2021 and three weeks later the film was released on VOD. It received good critical reactions and fans were also receptive of Bob Odenkirk turning into John Wick. And as soon as the first movie was over, there was wide spread interest among fans regarding a sequel. It is almost a certainty that we are getting a sequel so here is everything you need to know about Nobody 2.

John Wick Crossover Rumors and Other Details About Nobody 2

Nobody was marketed as the smaller brother of John Wick. The trailer was vague in the way to focus on the Kitty Cat bracelet as the motive for violence. It was similar to how John Wick went on a rampage for a dog, but the story of Nobody was much deeper and showcases a world that is not as elaborate or as mysterious as John Wick‘s was.

Hutch was a violent man similar to John but there are massive differences between the two characters. Still, that has not stopped fans from speculating if the duo inhabit the same world. There were winks and nods in Nobody, linking Hutch, his brother and father to a larger organization and that has led to speculations and questions about a crossover.

From Atomic Blonde to now Nobody, every time the production team behind John Wick, 87North Productions, makes a action movie there are hints and speculations of inhabiting similar worlds. While it may look good from a fan perspective Nobody 2 featuring John Wick might feel forced, according to Derek Kolstad, and that is something the producers do not want to have happen.

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In a recent interview Derek spoke of possible crossover, “You know, honestly, they’re so different. Growing up, I loved Narnia, Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars, and Dungeons and Dragons. They’re very, very different creatures but they’re very, very, very similar. Right? I think these are two very separate things that if they were to ever converge at a certain point, it would be the two of them walking through an airport and just giving each other a nod.”

While Derek is open to the idea of a blink and you will miss it type of reference the director of Nobody is a little vague. He said, “I’m like, ‘Alright, I can’t say anything. But what you could do is look at which studio made which movie and then think about the reality of doing a crossover.’ That’s all I’ll say. I mean, everything’s possible. Stranger things have definitely happened, but… yeah.”

Keanu Reeves is a pretty busy man and so is Bob Odenkirk, it would be interesting to see either one of them in the other’s film but at this point it all appears to be wishful thinking in our part. Nobody 2 will happen and in the movie they may show the continental hotel or the coins from John Wick or even mention the high table, but an outright John Wick and Hutch Mansell team up appears unlikely.

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