‘A Good Person’ Stars Black Widow’s Florence Pugh Alongside Zach Braff and Morgan Freeman

Feb 27, 2021 @ 8:23 GMT+0000
'A Good Person' Stars Black Widow's Florence Pugh Alongside Zach Braff and Morgan Freeman

Black Widow star Florence Pugh will be starring in ‘A Good Person’ alongside her boyfriend Zach Braff and the legendary Morgan Freeman.

Black Widow actress Florence Pugh is going to be joining forces with her partner Zach Braff on a new project.

As per Deadline, the Academy Award nominee will star in A Good Person to be directed and written by Braff.

In addition, the film stars the Oscar-winning icon Morgan Freeman, who formerly paired up with Braff in the heist comedy movie Going in Style (2017).

A Good Person explores the life of a young woman named Allison (Pugh), whose world falls apart after getting involved in a tragic accident.

In the years that followed, it was the surprising relationship she developed with her future father-in-law (Freeman) who aids her to live a life worth cherishing.

Pugh and Braff are in a romantic relationship since 2019, and in January the actor celebrated the Black Widow star’s birthday with a beautiful Instagram upload.

Braff wrote,

Happy Birthday to the most fun person I’ve ever met. I would have felt blessed to have smiled with your for one night. I can’t believe I get to giggle with you everyday.

The actor added,

What a pleasure it is to know you. What a gift to the world it was that you were born.

Back in 2020, however, the 25-year-old Pugh was compelled to reply to online trolls who mocked the age difference between herself and Braff, 45, insisting she carries every right to spend time with, be with and go out with anybody she chooses to.

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Black Widow starring Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh hits theatres on 7th May 2021.

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