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David Harbour wants to be the Cool-Warrior Dad in Stranger Things Season 4!

Ever since his appearance in the first episode of Netflix’s Stranger Things, David Harbour has become a superstar. His character......

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Will Emma Stone Be the Next High-Profile Actress to Sue Disney After Scarlett Johansson?

Cruella star Emma Stone is reportedly considering suing Disney following in the footsteps of the Black Widow star Scarlet Johansson.......

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LBH, Black Widow is NOT a Box Office Disappointment!

After the second weekend slump of Black Widow at the box office an organization no one paying attention had ever......

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‘Black Widow’ – Scarlett Johansson Got Emotional Watching Ever Anderson Play Young Natasha Romanoff

Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff actress Scarlett Johansson apparently cried when she watched Ever Anderson portray the younger version...

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‘Black Widow’ Star Rachel Weisz Spills Secrets About Her Co-stars

Rachel Weisz, the actress of Black Widow, responds to queries about her MCU co-stars Scarlett Johansson (Natasha Romanoff), David...

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Black Widow’s Stunted Taskmaster Revelation – Lack of Character Development in 2021 Disney Plus Movie

One prominent box office writer and movie critic wrote few years back that the inception of connected universes have made......

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Black Widow Star Florence Pugh Talks End Credit Scene of the 2021 MCU Movie!

After over two years of marketing campaign and postponed dates, Black Widow finally arrived in the theatres and on Disney......

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‘Black Widow’ Director Confirms One Particular Avenger Cameo was on the Cards

Black Widow director reveals a cameo from Tony Stark/Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. was lined up before the idea......

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Disney Boss Explains Black Widow’s Disney Plus and Theatre Simultaneous Release in July 2021!

Fans have waited for a Black Widow movie since the film went in development more than a decade and a......

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No Changes to Black Widow During Delay – Disney Plus and Theatre Simultaneous Release in 2021!

Black Widow‘s solo movie was supposed to go into production back in 2004 at Lionsgate. Before Marvel Studios took out......

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s Surprise Cameo Could Be Bigger Than Fans Realize

The surprise cameo in the latest The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode might have set up a major villain......

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Falcon and Black Widow? Anthony Mackie Shares His Thoughts on Possible Marvel Spin-off!

Anthony Mackie delights Marvel fans by suggesting he would love to be a part of a new Disney+ show featuring......

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‘A Good Person’ Stars Black Widow’s Florence Pugh Alongside Zach Braff and Morgan Freeman

Black Widow star Florence Pugh will be starring in ‘A Good Person’ alongside her boyfriend Zach Braff and the legendary......

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