Disney Boss Explains Black Widow’s Disney Plus and Theatre Simultaneous Release in July 2021!

May 26, 2021 @ 19:32 GMT+0000

Fans have waited for a Black Widow movie since the film went in development more than a decade and a half ago. After years of wait, fans were supposed to get the movie last summer, or so the pre-pandemic trailer said so. Well, every plan went to the crapper after March 2020 and now after multiple delays Disney boss Bob Chapek explained the reason behind Black Widow’s simultaneous theatre and Disney Plus release.

In the MCU little to nothing is left unexplained regarding the past and present of a character. From Star Lord being able to survive in outer space, even for a short period of time, to Hawkeye’s family, almost everything tends to make sense in the end. Among the exception is Black Widow, neither her past or her time between Civil War and Infinity War were explained, until now.

The first solo Black Widow movie will show Natasha Romanoff as she is taken in as a kid and turned into a lethal assassin. In the origin/continuation/tribute movie set after Captain America: Civil War, Natasha is on the run looking for and also running away from her past. Things in Nat’s past, bad things and people, are coming to get their pound of flesh and we, the audience, will have the choice to see the movie in a theatre or via premiere access on Disney Plus.

Disney Boss Explains Premiere Access Release for Black Widow on Disney Plus

The premiere access, for those who do not know, is a function within the Disney Plus app that allows viewers to pay an extra sum to get a movie on their device before it is available fore streaming to monthly paying customers. The function has been used for movies, starting with Mulan where the audiences had the option to either go to a theatre and see the movie or stream it from the comfort of their home with $29.99 extra payment.

For premiere access to work, you will need a Disney Plus subscription and then pay the extra amount. Disney has tried it for multiple movies now and the success or lack there of is not known as the streaming platform does not make the information public. Still, during the pandemic while the people are scared to go to the theatres or the theatres are not at full capacity, this is a nice way for Disney to make a few extra bucks.

Well, that is not the term Disney’s head Bob Chapek would use. Instead, he is going with convenience as the driving motive for the simultaneous release of Black Widow in theaters and Disney Plus. Marvel has a massive pull around the world but the not full capacity theaters and COVID will hamper the receipt. So, it makes sense to hedge their bets, but that is not how Bob wants to paint the pictures for investors.

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"One of the things we learned is that flexibility is good. We're really celebrating that flexibility... we're trying to offer consumers more choice. We've already delayed Black Widow a couple of times, we didn't want to delay it again. Yet, at the same time, we always knew there was a risk that exhibition wasn't going to be fully developed or consumers wouldn't want to go back and sit in theatres. So, we realised we had to sort of prime the pump and give theatrical exhibition a chance," he explained during the 49th Annual Global Technology, Media and Communications Conference at JP Morgan.

Bob also did not shy away from the monetary reason for doing the simultaneous release. "We couldn't put all of our eggs in the theatrical exhibition basket because we knew that in the weeks leading up to the decision that the domestic market was not coming back. And it's still fairly weak. So, we're very confident that we made the right call there," he detailed the obvious problems.

Black Widow has been delayed for over a year. The film was finished by the start if 2020 so the director and producers have locked he final cut. So, there is no benefit in keeping the film locked in till the time and situation is a little more favorable for the studio. All it will do is mess with the continuity even more for Marvel, so hedging their bets appear to be the right move right now.

Black Widow will be released on Disney Plus and in theaters on 9 July 2021.

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