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David Harbour wants to be the Cool-Warrior Dad in Stranger Things Season 4!


Ever since his appearance in the first episode of Netflix’s Stranger Things, David Harbour has become a superstar. His character of Hopper is cosplayed and revered among the fans, adding fuel to that fire was his cool dad turn in season 3. Now, the actor wants more of that going forward before he turns into the family embarrassment, as he put it, he wants to tap into the “warrior realm” a little more.

Hopper was the first person to interact and later be close to Eleven in Stranger Things. He even later went on to be a father figure to the Millie Bobby Brown character. That dad persona was played up a little in season 3 as he became responsible for raising a teenager and all the tantrums that come with it. Also, at that time he was trying to date as well as not become a boring embarrassment for everyone in his life.

That is something he wants to do more of as the actor mentioned during a conversation. Before the writers turn him into that roll-your-eyes type dad, he wants to be more of the warrior shown during the latter part of the third season. While character development is definitely a thing, the circumstances Hopper is in makes for turning him into a warrior, little bit easier. (Season 3 Spoilers Ahead!)

David Harbour wants Hopper to be in the Warrior Realm

In the final moments of Stranger Things season 3, Hopper was seen sacrificing himself to destroy the machine that was opening a portal to the upside down. After everyone thinks he has died, few weeks later the friends separate as they leave the town. In the end credit scene, we are shown that an American is being held in a prison in Russia.

While it was not confirmed to be Hopper, everyone suspected that he was not killed, the teaser trailer released soon after, confirmed that the character was in a gulag. Bearded and overworked, David Harbour’s character was shown alive and it is still a mystery how he will be reunited with his family, the same people who think he is dead.

A reunion is inevitable in the upcoming and highly anticipated season 4, but which Hopper is going to show up is another question. Being in a prison in not an easy thing, but a Russian gulag is a whole different monster entirely. So, he will have to deal with some stuff and beyond that David wants more action before he settles into the boring-safe dad.

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During a conversation on the That Scene with Dan Patrick podcast, David Harbour said, “One of the interesting things about Hopper this season — although you do see a lot of that fatherly stuff — is I did want to take him back into the warrior realm because there’s something as you get to be the dad role where, you know, it’s a bit like the dad gene.”

“You start to become less of a viable presence in the world. They’re more like, ‘Oh, dad’ — like someone who people are humiliated by, and like, I’m not quite ready for that. I still want to be, like, a presence,” he explained further.

David Harbour has been playing dads in multiple projects recently. He appeared as Natasha Romanoff’s “father” in the MCU movie, where he transitioned from the embarrassing dad to a warrior realm dad. Maybe that is what David is expecting to happen in Stranger Things, just reversed a little. That is what we are expecting for the character any way.

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Last modified: August 3, 2021