Flight Passenger Max Berry Case Update Arrest For Sexually & Physically Abusing Flight Attendants

Aug 3, 2021 @ 21:48 GMT+0000
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Unruly Maxwell Berry arrest case

Grab all details of unruly Frontier passenger Max Berry’s arrest case update, assault, and parents.

A 22-year-old flight passenger Maxwell Berry from Ohio arrested for assaulting Frontier Airlines staff during a flight from Philadephia to Miami on Saturday, July 31, 2021. Max has been accused of sexually harassing and physically assaulting flight attendants.

Max initially assaulted the male attendant after he was stopped from taking a third drink where he was allegedly consumed two drinks. After being rejected, Max became insane and started to yell at the attendants.

On the recorded conversation, we can see him yelling and misbehaving with flight attendants and even disguising them by comparing his $2 million wealth of parents. Over the leaked video, Berry is even seen being physical with male attendants and also accused of grabbing female attendants’ breasts.

After Max became uncontrollable, he was later duct-taped where flight passengers seem to be oddly enjoying the situation. After arriving in Miami, he was arrested by police officers and is currently in custody in FAA zero-tolerance policy for misbehavior.

US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) complies with a fine of up to $35,000 for bad behavior on planes. Well, someone’s parents are paying a hefty bill.

Who is Max Berry? His Parents

Max is an Ohio Wesleyan University graduate in Finance Economics in 2021. Overlooking at his Linkedin profile formerly worked at Famous Dave’s of America in Sandusky, Ohio, and also worked a part-time job at Eagle Creek Golf Club.

Frontier Passenger Maxwell Berry Assault case & arrest

Picture of 22 years old unruly passenger Max Berry. (Image Source: Linkedin )

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Talking about his parents, there is not much information about his parents as he recently became famous after the flight case. But make sure to be updated as we’ll shortly provide you with updates soon as we get hands to them.

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