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Big Sky Season 1 is Returning in April – 7 More Episodes of the ABC Drama!


Big Sky was meant to be a limited series with ten episodes. Nine episodes later the show has taken two hiatus and ABC added seven more to spice up the drama. The final nine episodes of the beloved show will return in April and from what it looks like, with a new mystery to solve.

ABC’s freshman hit series is based on the book of the same name by writer C.J. Box. The story follows a private detective Cassy Dewell and ex-cop Jenny Hoyt who join forces when two girls are kidnapped. A simple mystery builds into a massive case when a deeper conspiracy is unearthed in the first five episodes.

Big Sky only recently came back from a month-long hiatus when the story of the missing girls continued after the cliffhanger ending of the fifth episode. Continuing the trend, the ninth episode had two shocking twists and fans will have to wait two months to see it resolved in the final seven episodes. So, when is Big Sky season 1 returning to ABC, also new cast news for an exciting second half.

Big Sky Season 1 Episode 10 Release Date – April is the Lucky Month

big-sky-season-1-episode-10-release-date-13-april-2021Big Sky season 1 episode 10 will be released on 13 April 2021. Coming back from hiatus during the Spring.
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This is probably the new normal now as TV shows start taking more breaks due to difficulty in safely producing a full-length show. While Big Sky is not taking a break due to production issues, they did have some setbacks last year when filming was halted due to COVID tests.

At the fifth episode mark, the spoiler cliffhanger made for great TV. The show took a break soon after that and returned at the end of January to continue the story of the hunt for Rick and Ronald. Fans were excited ABC ordered 6 more episodes of the series on top of the 10 episodes but after another cliffhanger in episode 9, the show is off the air again.

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With 4.13 million people tuning in to watch Episode 9, most of them were left frustrated when they turned on the TV this week and there was no Big Sky. Fret not though, all nine episodes are available for repeat viewing on Hulu and the final seven episodes will be returning on 13 April 2020.

ABC had confirmed a spring release date so an end of March or the start of April was speculated. But we can report that 13 April 2021 is when the 7 remaining episodes will start airing. Big Sky episode 10 will be released on 13 April and the show will pivot to some new characters along with a new mystery.

Some New Cast and New Story for Big Sky’s Final 7 Episodes.

While the story of Ronald is yet to be resolved, Big Sky Season 1 was feeling like a drag after it returned from the first hiatus. The amnesia story felt like it was pulled from a bad daytime soap and the pacing was pedestrian. It is also understandable considering the writers were asked to stretch a limited series into six more episodes.

This second hiatus seems to be doing good for the writers who seem to have decided to put the Ronald story on the back burners while focusing on another mystery. Introducing you all to the Kleinsasser family, think Dutton family from Yellowstone, but poorer.

ABC announced a batch of new cast members joining Big Sky. Ted Levine plays Horst Kleinsasser, a ruthless rancher who is buying broke ranches for cheap and building an empire. He suffers a stroke and in walks his second-born John Wayne Kleinsasser, played by Kyle Schmid, even worse than his father, John is looking to take over the family ranch.

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Michelle Forbes is also joining the show as “perfect wife” Margaret who is more than her persona lets on. Britt Robertson will play the marginalized daughter Cheyenne Kleinsasser who is kept out of the family business. Michael Raymond-James plays Blake Kleinsasser, eldest son and also the sensible one in the family with a drinking issue.

Also joining the cast are Ryan Dorsey and Omar Metwally who play the youngest son Rand Kleinsasser, and Deputy US Marshal Frank Lindor, respectively. Frank will join the two ladies as they try to figure out where Ronald is while also going up against the Kleinsasser clan.

Big Sky season 1 returns to ABC on 13 April 2021.

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