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Big Sky on ABC – Network Orders Six More Episodes of the Hit Drama Series


While the premiere of Big Sky on ABC courted some controversy regarding the portrayal of the Sherriff Department and the lack of indigenous representation. The show seems to have impressed the bosses at ABC so much so that they increased the initial 10-episode order to 16 episodes.

Big Sky follows two private investigators Cassie Dewell and Jenny Hoyt who try to track two girls abducted from the highway. Soon the detectives realize those two girls are not the only ones who have gone missing from the area. Many sex workers and indigenous girls were getting kidnapped from truckstops which expands the case beyond its initial probe.

Developed by Big Little LiesDavid E. Kelley, the show is based on C.J. Box‘s novel. Big Sky was the first scripted series of the season and the first two episodes were steady across all platforms which gave confidence to the bosses at ABC and they added six more episodes to their initial order.

There will be 16 Episodes in Big Sky Season 1

big-sky-season-1-16-episodesBig Sky season 1 got six more episode order for a total of 16 episodes in the first season.
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ABC was not doing good ammong fans in 2020. They canceled a beloved show in The Baker and the Beauty after only 9 episodes so it was a unique scenario when a fairly limited series vibe emitting Big Sky was given additional episodes to stretch their show and maybe even signal a renewal for Big Sky season 2.

The premiere of Big Sky was the best debut for ABC since the first episode of The Rookie which arrived in 2018. The total viewers over the week came to 10+ million when DVR and streaming numbers were combined together. And the numbers did not slide in week two, despite all the controversy.

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Strong showing in total numbers and 18-49 demo gave the brass all the informations they needed regarding the viability of the show. Even through eight weeks the numbers are holding strong for the show and considering the production difficulty of other shows, ABC is sticking with a proven commodity.

After the numbers of the first two weeks became clearer ABC added six episodes to their order on 7 December 2020. That took the total number for the show to 16 episodes and we are not certain how the creators and the writers of the show are going to stretch the story.

Looking Forward – What’s Next for Big Sky Season 1?

Despite a by the numbers few opening episodes, the winter finale of Big Sky was both mind blowing and unexpected. Shooting one of the two main protagonists was not something we were expecting so early in the season. The Jenny Hoyt and Rick Legarski stand off made the show even more interesting.

But at this point the central event is feeling a little stretched. The three kidnapped girls are nowhere to be seen and the story seems to be repeating itself. We are not certain how they are going to fill the additional six episodes on the back end.

In the eight episode of Big Sky season 1, we saw Rick almost faking the memory loss and Ronald taking another kid. Ronald also kills the pastor who came to help him and the finality of the show is approaching near. We have not been shown enough to belive that an additional eight episodes are going to be required to answer all the burning questions.

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We are still hopping that the weird Church from the second episode has something to do with the disappearances. Also, the story needs to talk about the disapperances of indigenous girls from the area to Canada. Those story are going to put on additional layers to the intially interesting story.

Considering the ample talent working behind the scene and in front of the camera there is a chance Big Sky can pull this off. But with each repeatative visit to the hospital, audiences are losing interest. So, here’s hoping season 1 can pull itself together and we get to see the ladies back for Big Sky season 2.

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