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Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis Need Their Own Marvel Spinoff Series


Randall Park is a master of comedic timing, we can all agree on that right? But seeing him fight and kick some military guy’s butt was something we did not know we needed. Now fans are all jumping on the hype train to get a Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis spinoff series, and it all started with a tweet from writer/actor Stephen Ford.

Jimmy Woo is an MCU character with a long history, in the comics, dating back to the 50s. Darcy Lewis on the other hand is a recent addition to the MCU, she appeared in the Thor movie series and was recently added to the cast of Disney+ series WandaVision.

In WandaVision, Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis form a friendship when she arrives outside Westview to assist the SWORD team. She is the one who figures out about the sitcom signal coming from within The Hex. And after a tweet from Stephen Ford, fans are now excited to see a Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis spinoff show.

Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis Spinoff Show would be Interesting

jimmy-woo-stephen-ford-wandavision-spinoffJimmy Woo (in the body of James Bond) a rendition for his own spinoff show, shared by Stephen Ford.
Image Source: Twitter

The first appearance of Jimmy Woo in the MCU was in the Ant-Man movie. He is an FBI agent who keeps a close eye on Scott Lang. Randall Park, who plays Jimmy, was hilarious in the movie and Marvel thought so too which is why he was a welcome addition to the WandaVision vision.

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Jimmy Woo is still an FBI agent in WandaVision and is the first person to identify the anomaly in Westview. Jimmy and Monica Rambeau investigate The Hex which results in Monica getting sucked into the world created by Wanda. Later he joins the SWORD team in trying to figure out what is really going on.

Darcy, an early MCU character, also made a surprise appearance in WandaVision as she reveals what is really happening in Westview. She quickly teams up with Jimmy and Monica who are the sensible people in the group and tries to help them deal with what Wanda is going through.

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Kat Dennings plays Darcy Lewis in the MCU and she has a long history of playing plucky characters in TV shows and movies. Her quips and funny nature played off well against the stoic face comedy that Randall Park does. They both made a comedic duo which people think would be a great show all by itself.

Jimmy, as it turns out, is also a tough guy coupled with his quippy nature and we have seen Darcy fight the Dark Elves. So, a coupling of the two for a spinoff show would not only be interesting but also hilarious. And from what Stephen Ford has been talking about for the past two weeks, has us even more interested.

Stephen Ford Piques the Interest in a Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis Spinoff Show

It all started with a tweet on 30 January 2021. A day before, the fourth episode of WandaVision aired and showed Jimmy Woo for the first time. Randall Park brought his comedic timing and fans were happy to see a relatively small character from MCU movies making an appearance in a Disney+ show.

But while fans enjoyed the appearance, actor/director/write Stephen Ford saw a whole spinoff series centered around Jimmy Woo. His pitch, “An entire Disney+ show about Jimmy Woo just working weird cases in the MCU. Like a fun X-Files.”

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That idea took off on Twitter as Stephen’s tweet was liked nearly 200,000 times with 28,000+ retweets. BossLogic came back with a character posted of Jimmy Woo as a SWORD agent and everyone was off to the races from there. Soon Stephen Ford started to write a pitch for a show and ever called on Kevin Feige to hear him out.

The hype is real and fans are excited to see a new show based on the character. While most of us know there is a slim possibility the show might get made but the Randall Park and Kat Dennings are down to do anything with Marvel. And the fans seem equally excited to, so make it happen, Marvel.

Randall Park and Kat Dennings would Love to Play Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis Again


In recent years we have seen fans have written and tweeted things into existence and while a Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis series may be a bridge too far, that is not stopping reporters from gauging the interest of the actors who play the now-beloved characters.

Randall Park was asked about the hype surrounding his and Kat’s character and he said, “I heard that! Of course! That would be so cool. Really, if they called me up for anything, I would do it just because I love the Marvel universe, and also the people are so great. They’re so talented and smart and really nice people.”

“So any chance to work in the Marvel universe again, I’d take it in a heartbeat. But if it ended here, I’d be very thankful — especially being a part of this show,” he continued. While Kat Dennings told NME, “Anything Marvel ever wants from me is always gonna be a yes, and I would love to watch that. Big Randall Park fan.”

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The stars appear to be satisfied working under the MCU umbrella. The fans want to see the show and now it is all up to Kevin Feige if he believes the show can add to the small screen version of the MCU. While we are not overly excited, consider us cautiously optimistic at this stage.

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