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More Action in BBC’s Bodyguard Season 2, Producer Teases!


It will be three years this August since the first episode of the BBC series Bodyguard aired. The six-episode Jed Mercurio-written and created political thriller was a critical and commercial success which should’ve made Bodyguard season 2 a no-brainer. Now, the producer of the show finally reveals what we can expect from the highly anticipated sophomore season.

Bodyguard was a sleeper hit for BBC and Jed Mercurio. Focused on a soldier suffering from PTSD, he gets a job in the Royalty and Specialist Protection Branch. Tasked with protecting a controversial Home Secretary, the Police officer soon gets embroiled in a mystery that pushes him right to the edge.

While critics were divided on what they considered to be vilification of Muslim people, but Award season voters were adamant on the entertainment value of the show. But no matter the accolades and hype, there was still no word on when we were getting Bodyguard season 2.

Producer Sparks Bodyguard Season 2 Conversation

Richard Madden has appeared in various shows and movies since he left Game of Thrones. But Bodyguard was the one where he really shone as a troubled action-centric character with an emotional depth. Opposite his co-star, Keeley Hawes, the chemistry between the two made the show even more interesting.

While the show had a moderate level of action in the early goings, by the middle of the third episode the blood and gore were dialed up to 11. That episode also made a lasting impression on the fans as the mystery was also heightened from that episode onwards.

And everything came to a head in the finale, culminating a series that was both high on action and also on the mystery. But at the end of the day, the six-episode runtime left fans wanting for more, and soon after the masses were done watching the series on Netflix, the interest for Bodyguard season 2 reached a fever-pitch.

While Bodyguard season 2 has not been greenlit yet, there is no way if Jed Mercurio wants to make more BBC would not support him. The Line of Duty creator has a massive standing in the UK television scene and so does the production company behind Bodyguard and Line of Duty.

The executive producer of Bodyguard and World Productions company CEO Simon Heath spoke with Metro about the possibility of a Bodyguard season 2. While talking about Line of Duty the producer made clear the difficulty of filming another season but also the fun in doing it all over again.

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“Bodyguard is a big beast to put back together. I’m reasonably confident we will see it in due course. With Line of Duty, again, we don’t know whether series 6 will be the last,” he said. While the executive producer was not forthcoming about the Bodyguard season 2 release date, he did make it clear that it was going to happen.

He also spoke about how the action sequences in Bodyguard season 1 taught the production team about directing and adding more action. Line of Duty saw a spike in fast-flowing action in the latter series and it was all down to the experiences the team had on the beloved BBC freshman series.

Heath said, “There are lots of big action sequences in Bodyguard that we probably hadn’t done that many of in Line of Duty up to that point. We probably now do more of those as a result of realizing we’ve got the resources and the technical skills.”

For now, there is no timeframe for BBC’s Bodyguard to return to the small screen. It is going to happen, all that is left is for all of us fans to be patient. For now, you can enjoy the first season on Netflix.

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Last modified: March 23, 2021