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Line of Duty Trailer Hints at Division and Suspicion Within AC-12!


It was only a few days ago when the release date for Line of Duty was revealed with a teaser. Now a couple of weeks away from the premiere date we are getting a trailer for the show with suspicion and division at the center of AC-12.

The fifth Line of Duty series was draining both mentally and physically. With all the roads leading to Superintendent Ted Hastings as a facilitator for the group of corrupt cops working in the UK, the season provided some heart-stopping suspense.

Still, after six episodes we were nowhere closer to figuring out who is the real H. And the finale also pointed at the second stack of 50,000 quids which was still missing. It appears the sixth series will keep their eye on the ball and the investigation to find the real H will tear the team apart.

Line of Duty Trailer Paints a Beloved Character as the Suspect for H

The explosive trailer starts out with the case on hand. A murdered civilian and a botched investigation puts Detective Chief Inspector Joanne Davidson in the crosshairs of AC-12. But a bad investigation is not the only thing uncovered by the crew as they find a link to their open case to find H.

“It will be our job to detect whether police corruption has contributed to this murder remaining unsolved,” Ted says. With DS Arnott making the connection to the group of bent coppers AC-12 is hunting. “The whole line of inquiry has been deliberately suppressed to protect organized crime,” Arnott says.

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Then we get some warning regarding the DCI Davidson who seems way more ruthless than she lets on to the people investigating her. We are also reminded that this will be the most difficult case AC-12 has ever come across. But the biggest revelation for the trailer is left at the end.

Newcomer DC Chloe Bishop says, “Do you still believe there’s a fourth man out there?” To which Arnott replies, “Man… or woman?” as the trailer cuts to a shot of DI Kate Fleming. Maybe it is simply clever editing to generate conversation but using Kate as the bate is interesting as to where the story is headed.

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There is definitely another H out there and Arnott is hell-bent on finding him or her. Ted seems to be the obvious choice at this point but he also seems to be compromised more than being the leader or a criminal enterprise. So, if suspicions are to land on someone it would probably be Kate, however unlikely it may seem.

Kate seems to be too lower on the rung of leadership to be H but weirder things have happened. While we are not fully convinced Kate is H, the trailer is probably hinting at Arnott being paranoid with each passing day. In his quest to find H, Arnott is willing to put the blame on his friends as well, or so it seems from the trailer.

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Whatever the case, the sixth series of Line of Duty is going to be a lot of fun. A scary new adversary, coupled with the fact we are getting an extra episode has us all buzzing. So, bring on 21 March 2021 we are ready to see some bent coppers in handcuffs.

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