Rupert Grint Shares “Suffocating” Harry Potter Experience

Mar 9, 2021 @ 13:15 GMT+0000
Rupert Grint Shares

‘Harry Potter’ star Rupert Grint says filming the never-ending film series for a decade was “suffocating” at times.

Rupert Grint is opening up about the challenging nature of his job for a decade while starring in the Harry Potter franchise, revealing it got “suffocating” at times.

The actor played Ron Weasley throughout the eight fantasy saga films, and discussed in a recent interview that while it was a wonderful experience it could also feel like “Groundhog Day.”

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Speaking on the Armchair Expert podcast, Grint said:

There was definitely a time where it felt quite suffocating because it was heavy going – it was every day for 10 years in the end.

The actor added,

It was a great experience, such a nice kind of family atmosphere. It was always the same crew we grew up with, so it was a great place to be. But sometimes it definitely felt like, ‘I want to do something else. See what else is out there.’

The star revealed Harry Potter was originally supposed to be a couple of movies when he first joined the cast, adding the whole journey felt like it “never ended.”

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Rupert Grint continued,

Every year, we came back. And it was kind of like Groundhog Day because it was the same sets, it was the same people. But it was great. I loved it.

The Cherry Bomb star recently admitted he is yet to watch most of the films in the franchise, admitting, he merely saw “the first three at the premieres.”

Since then, he hasn’t watched the movies, but now that he’s got a daughter, he admits he’ll likely watch them with her.

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