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Lana Rhodes Boyfriend Mike Majlak: Everything to Know About Their Relationship

lana rhodes boyfriend in 2021

Here’s what you should know about Mike Majlak and his relationship in 2021. Is he dating someone in 2021 following his split with his previous lover? Let’s find.

Well, Mike Majlak needs no introduction, especially in younger crowds and followers of “Impaulisve Podcast.” Mike Majlak is the co-host, along with Logan Paul, in the show.

Mike, moreover, appears numerous times in Logan Paul’s vlogs and videos along with his squads, Jacqulyn Noelle, Lydia Kenney, Ayla Woodruff, and Logan himself.

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If you are a fan of Logan Paul’s vlogs, then we are pretty much sure Mike Majlak is in a relationship. He is often seen with his girlfriend. So, who is the person Mike Majlak is dating in 2021? Here’s what you should know.

Mike Majlak Girlfriend in 2021: Who is She?

As we mentioned earlier, if you follow Logan Paul’s vlog, then we assume you already know Mike Majlak is in a relationship, but who is the girl he is dating?

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Well, if you don’t know, Mike Majlak’s girlfriend is Lana Rhoades. Lana is an American adult movie actress who was born on September 6, 1996, in Chicago, IL, as Amara Maple.

When Did Lana Rhodes and Her Boyfriend, Mike Majlak, Start Dating?

According to many sources, the couple started dating way back in January of 2020. It’s just a couple of months, but we were not expecting the two to last this long in the relationship.

mike majlak girlfriend in 2021

Mike Majlak and his girlfriend, Lana Rhoades, are dating since January of 2020. Photo Source: Mike Majlak, Twitter

We didn’t mean to condescend or anything but, looking at their relationship, the couple was not expected to last more than a few weeks.

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Indeed, the two seem to have a very on-and-off relationship and parted their ways for good a couple of weeks earlier, but the two are back together again.

Why Did Lana Rhoades and her boyfriend, Mike Majlak, Broke Up Earlier?

According to the sources, Lana Rhodes and her boyfriend, Mike Majlak, broke up following cheating allegations.  According to Dexerto, Mike was alleged of cheating his girlfriend, Lana Rhoades.

But back in February of 2020, the YouTuber and co-host of Impaulsive Podcast responded to cheating rumors. The reports suggest he was accused of cheating Lana Rhodes with Ava Louise, aka “Dr. Phil Girl.”

mike majlak girlfriend in 2021.

According to the reports, Lana Rhodes’ boyfriend, Mike Majlak, cheated on her with Ava Louise. Photo Source: Mike Majlak, Twitter

But later, Mike Majlak came out with the full story regarding his “Purported Indedility.”

Mike explained,

“I did feel bad because I knew that I hurt her. I don’t think that I cheated, I don’t think that I was unfaithful, or that I was a liar or anything like that, but I know that what I did hurt her, and that hurts me.”

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Majlak added,

“She gets an Uber, and she walks out, and I sit on my bed, and I go… You’re a f****ng idiot.”

How did Lana Rhodes and Her Boyfriend Meet?

The couple seems to have a lot of ups and downs in their relationship and even parted ways for a while, but since they are back together, we are happy for them.

Mike and Lana Rhodes seem perfect together, and we must say Logan Paul thank you because he is the reason the couple is together. According to sources, it was Logan who helped them meet.

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Well, that’s all for now; if you want to keep yourself updated on your favorite celebrities’ lifestyle, stay tuned to BAE Magazine.

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