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Everyone Wants to Know If BlackPink’s Jennie Kim & BigBang’s G-Dragon Really Are Dating

Everyone Wants to Know If BlackPink's Jennie Kim & BigBang's G-Dragon Really Are Dating

Or the details of this new K-Pop power couple.

Be it something everyone saw coming or just a genuine surprise, there’s really no denying how much people have rallied behind the supposed couple. As soon as South Korean outlet Dispatch released an extensive review of the nature of the relationship between Blackpink’s Jennie Kim and BigBang’s G-Dragon, fans were flooding in to know if they were really dating.

Dispatch reported that they have been secretly dating for a year now and that Jennie is “in love” with G-Dragon. The two were first recorded as acquaintances when they collaborated on his music video for That XX together in 2012.

There were photographs of the secret meeting between the two, particularly in G-Dragon’s luxury apartment in Hannam, facilitated by their management teams. Their collaborations clearly date before BlackPink‘s debut in 2016 as Jennie also featured in his song Black from his album Coup d’Etat in 2013.

K-Pop's new rumored but almost confirmed couple, G-Dragon and Jennie Kim, side by side with their cameras up.As they should, the pair have a lot in common between them.
Photo Sources: G-Dragon, Instagram / Jennie Kim, Instagram

It’s apparently an open secret to YG Entertainment [their management company], Jennie’s manager and her mom as well, according to another source. They would meet at the penthouse as she used the private elevator and the dedicated parking lot with a vehicle registered to it to get past the public eye.

Despite the claims that YG knew about the relationship, they have issued an ambiguous statement regarding their knowledge of the pair’s personal lives, neither confirming nor denying any truth to it.

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“We cannot confirm anything,” YG Entertainment’s statement read. “We can’t confirm anything about our artists’ private lives. We ask for your understanding.”

Recognizing the pattern in the K-Pop industry of scrutinizing celebrity relationships, fans were quick to come to their defense without them facing any backlashes. BlackPink fans in particular took the stand first.

And of course, the comments have been wildly positive, with “WE LOVE YOU JENNIE. ALWAYS STAY WITH JENNIE,” being the most popular statement. Support has come from all branches, and they have made quite a compelling case of why these two would form the perfect K-Pop couple. The South China Morning Post’s Style Magazine presented a few reasons for the case.

Nevertheless, it is still not a confirmed answer to the question fans have been asking about. They are the only ones who can affirmatively declare that they really are dating since a year ago, which is understandably something that is often rare in the entertainment industry. And considering the plethora of characteristics that they have in common, we will witness the most perfect couple in the K-Pop industry.

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Last modified: February 27, 2021