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Vanessa Pena, aka Vanessafpena, Girlfriend in 2021: Who is She Dating?

vanessa pena girlfriend, vanessafpena girlfriend

Here’s what you should know about Vanessa Fuenmayor-Pena, aka Vanessafpena’s relationship, girlfriend, and sexuality.

Vanessa Fuenmayor-Pena, popularly known as Vanessafpena, is a content creator from Florida, USA. Known for her comedy sketches and lip-sync videos, vanessafpena is a massive success on TikTok. As of this writing (February 14, 2021), she boasts an impressive 2.1 million followers on the short video-sharing platforms.

Labeled herself “fruity,” Vanessafpena saw the growth on her account in a short period of time, and people (her TikTok fans) saw the changes in them (Vanessa) as well, and let us tell you, the changes were massive.

Well, if you don’t know what changes we are talking about, it’s Vanessa’s appearance. The girly-girl Vanessafpena turned herself into a new avatar in recent days. We still remember the 19-year-old asking for suggestions for with their fans for the new hairstyle.

Indeed, following their new haircut, Vanessa is openly an LGBTQ member but is yet to disclose their sexuality; however, their fans assume the content creator is already dating one of their girl friends but is that true?

Who is Vanessa Pena, Aka Vanessafpena, Girlfriend?

It’s a good question, but there are a lot of things to be discovered yet. While some of Vanessa Pena’s fans are blatantly assuming things, vannessafpena is yet to admit things that their fans are considering.

Vanessa Pena, aka Vanessafpena, girlfriend is still a mystery, but before that, it’s still unclear if she is really into girls! However, according to her fans, Vanessa is dating her best friend, Michaella Williams.

vanessa pena girlfriend, vanessafpena girlfriend

Vanessa Pena, aka Vanessafpena, is allegedly dating girlfriend, Michaella Williams. Photo Source: Michaella’s Instagram

Michaella, who also happens to be a TikToker (boasts more than 320,000 followers on the platform), has made appearances on Vanessafpena’s TikTok videos quite often. Moreover, the duo was also seen together on multiple occasions.

Since the two said they are only friends (best friends), it’s still too early to ship them as a couple. But, as we have seen them together on Vanessa’s Instagram as well, we think they look adorable as lovers. But we can only wish for now.

Other Speculations Fans Made About Vanessa Pena’s Girlfriend(s)

Fans can sometimes be too desperate (guilty!), but we like to assume things and can’t help it. So, just like us, there are millions of other fans who believed or want to see our girl, Vanessa, in a romantic relationship.

Some of Vanessapena’s fans think the 19-year-old is romantically involved with a fellow tiktoker, Cierra Erwin. Cierra, a content creator famous with her social handle @cici_cici_7, is also a massive success on TikTok.

vanessafpena and cici, vanessa pena and cici, girlfriends?

Some fans think Vanessa Pena and Cici are dating, but that’s not true as well. Photo Source: Cici’s Instagram

Cici boasts an impressive more than 886,700 followers on the short-video-sharing platform and is also equally popular on all major social media like YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, and more.

Despite the major speculations, Vanessafpena and Cici never admitted their love to the world; in fact, the two never made appearances on each other videos as well. All we can say is, this is what fans want to see, vanessafpena and Cici together, but that dream is farfetched for now.

So, Who is Vanessa Pena, aka Vanessafpena, Dating in 2021? 

It seems Vanessa Pena wants to keep her personal life far from social media, at least for now. Though vanessafpena has opened up about so many very personal things, we feel they still want some time to open about their relationship in public.

All we can do for now is, respect their privacy and keep on creating more fictions about our girl; we mean, we don’t see anything wrong in that, is it? If you want to fantasize about vanessafpena and your love story, there are hundreds of Wattpad stories; please feel free to check.

That’s all for now, but don’t forget to check back later; we will update as soon as vanessafpena reveals something about their love life.

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